Monday, March 31, 2014


Well, raid Thursday night was promising. Still no Garrosh kill, but some really strong feeling attempts. I got to DPS, which was fun. I was occasionally one of the top 3, which was odd. I mean, since the only other leather wearer is our bear tank, I get a lot of off-spec gear, but I think the people 10 ilevels above me should do more DPS than me. Which makes me wonder if I was ignoring something I should have been doing. I expect a few low ones, the person who has to deal with the engineer since our disc priest is on his druid and can’t do it anymore. So hopefully when we start fresh next week we can complete some tier sets and see a DPS boost. We ended up losing a hunter to computer issues and picking up a very sweet elemental shaman. Only raided with her for a bit, but she sounds really nice. It was enjoyable to have her along.

My druid is coming along nicely. She hit level 30 last night. I decided to go around and do all the pet battle quests on another toon for her to turn in. Now I need to decide if it is worthwhile for me to beg one of my higher level horde friends to drag me around a bit to turn them in or not. If I catch one of them admitting to being bored in the next few days, I’ll ask. I might subtly enquire to their state of boredom, I have some friends who just AFK in the Shrine a lot.

So that was most of my day- leveling the druid, doing pet battles, occasionally camping a rare, and raiding. I meant to get some arenas in. It turns out the guild is 1 win away from an achievement.

Oh, and the best part of my day- my awesome friends gave me a ride to the grocery store! I could recount the whole thing as an epic tale- my original planning based on the knowledge of their stocking schedule, the surprise offer, the quest for pomegranate that looked to be a failure, the surprise find and success! I could go into more detail- and clearly narrated a great deal of it in my head already. So yeah, I cleared them out of pomegranate. They only had 6, but it’s a good start to breakfast for this week :)

Something I am wondering- I was using zen meditation last night during whirling corruption. I am not sure if it reduced the damage the raid takes, but it sure helps me. I am just curious if it does work. Suppose the healers would have been the ones to ask. I’ll remember for next time, assuming I DPS instead of heal. I am happy I managed to bring my DPS up- made a few macros for Storm, Earth, and Fire to smooth that out a bit.

Plans for this weekend: study for my pathology test on Monday, cap conquest, level my horde druid a little more, quit rethinking my decisions on professions for my horde druid, quit craving steak since every time I log on someone says something about steak or A1 sauce. Hopefully makes some nice progress on Garrosh. And SLEEP.

An aside- I love A1 sauce. Some of my odder eating habits as a child involved eating spoonfuls of the stuff, along with Molly McButter. My family eventually stopped buying Molly McButter because of that. And I may have named our puppy Molly after that. 

We have a fish lecturer now. The topic is not interesting, but he is a good lecturer. And he opens the window between classes to let sunlight in, which is really nice. I don’t always see a lot of daylight.

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