Sunday, March 16, 2014

Done with Midterms, whoo!

I seem to have gotten into the habit of putting my thoughts to paper before each test, why change it now?  A brief recount of midterm week seems in order. Mostly this is a review of my complaints. 
Monday got off to a bad start. We were split into 2 groups, and I was stuck in the sucky room. Silly last name at the back of the alphabet. That test started with a phone alarm going off- twice. I felt really prepared for that test, and did not do as well as I would like. Which threw me off the rest of the week, and really just made my motivation to do anything besides sleep and goof off vanish. I keep going back and going “man, if I’d logically thought through that one question a little better, I’d have a B.”

Tuesday and Wednesday are a blur. Still deciding if I need to be ticked off about Wednesday’s test and start arguing questions. I need confirmation that the right answer of a question was something that we were told in class you don’t do before I make up my mind. 

Thursday was the test that took 45 minutes to start. I knew we weren’t going to start on time when they let the 200 people in 10 minutes before we were supposed to start, but I wasn’t expecting that much of a delay. At least the proctors stopped patrolling at least 20 minutes after the start time so we could talk and go on the internet.

And today. I didn’t start looking over material until 6 PM yesterday. I stayed up too late doing other stuff, trying to find a nice place for dinner because the only price I could find for our original plans was $40 US, which was more than I wanted to spend. I mentioned that to my friend, who insists it isn’t the price. She may be right, I’ve never been there before and have no confirmation besides that flyer from a few months ago. Maybe I’ll call later and confirm.

True to my goal, the only WoW I did was a few world boss kills and some camping of rares. I did start Hearthstone, which is a fun diversion. Still learning the classes and cards. Right now, I hate playing against hunters and want to see what a druid looks like. Tonight, the plan is to go out for a nice evening, and raid later. Have fun, maybe get a few talks we need to have out of the way. 

I think I need to put flex on the calendar for Saturday still, should probably check that. And come up with some raid quotes/names. I have random word documents for a bunch of things, one of which is potential and used raid quotes. No theme next week I think, just whatever I have already.

And we got our pre-test joke. How many mice does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
2, but don’t ask me how they get in there.

And that test went really well. An A, yay! Nice to end this week on a high note, especially after some of the earlier tests and my motivation to study last night.

Turned out, it was $40 US for a three course dinner, but you could show up and have drinks and s’mores without paying that. They had really good pumpkin ginger soup, I should learn how to make it.

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