Monday, March 10, 2014

A Fun Weekend

Lots of news. My other raid group’s guild finally downed Garrosh, yay! A mixed group of folks I think, they run 4 raids and just pulled several people together.

My Wed/Fri raid made it to Garrosh. Lots of work still, but it was nice to get there. Still no Kovok, but someday.

Just remembered, I am giving someone a Sapphire Cub, but I can’t remember why… Something about the guild anniversary party. It’s the second year, and like last year there was a party at the Darkmoon Faire.  Super sad bunny news this week- I took a nap, logged on to a corpse. Then during the party it spawned! And horde tag got it. Seconds after I got there. So sad, I conveniently had a raid group with tank and healers and 8 or 9 DPS handy and available, and no fight.

Aside from that bit o’ sadness (since I’d just spent the last two days camping that thing and studying) the party was a blast. Naked dueling! Mistweaver vs. awesome warlock- not a good match-up. I used Xuen 3 times, and I din’t think I was that great about using it on CD, and it started with a CD from a previous fight- just to give you some idea how long it took. But it was fun. I ended up winning by default- after several minutes, it was declared first below 50%. Well, that didn’t happen, so whoever had higher health at a specific time. I made it- 100 to 91%. I offered a rematch cause I felt that was a little unfair, with me in DPS spec, but it was declined. He seemed to think I could kill him, and I think he’d get me. Now we’ll never know.

The now-infamous potato song came back. I stepped out of vent to keep it from being stuck in my head. For any interested, this is the song. 

After that, did some 2s and 3s to cap valor for the week. It was fun, played with a hunter for a while, who’s only recently expressed interest in PvP. Had a lot of fun, and it’s nice to have more guildies involved in PvP. Brings the number I’m aware of up to 5. Happy to have that knocked out. Now to get my weekly Ulduar and Firelands runs in… Enh, if it takes me 3 or 4 more weeks to finish that, instead of 2 or 3, that’s OK. Midterms are WAY more important. 

Which is why I have made the decision to not raid. Someone told me they’d feel bad if I did poorly because I wanted to raid, and I stopped and realized I’d feel awful too. If I raided, and stayed up late, and missed something silly I’d feel like crap for the rest of the day. And since I’ve made the raid invite quote this week something from Belladonna so I remember to be positive, that would be a stupid decision to make. So no raiding this week. Ah, here’s that quote: “Let your heart travel lightly. Because what you bring with you becomes part of the landscape.” 

Yeah, only 1 person gave me suggestions for a raid name. And while I loved “It’s not easy raiding in greens” and a few others, I’ve decided to go with quotes from some of my favorite authors or TV shows until someone else takes over. This week was Anne Bishop and Terry Pratchett.

And there is talk- and a scheduled talk with the raiding officer about this- about dropping down to 1 day of flex for the guild. I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out, having things (all SoO too) scheduled in WoW 6 days a week between 2 raids and flex. I hope it happens. And not just because I found someone starting RBG on Monday nights…. Lol, aside from that, I want to not be scheduled to do something in WoW every day of the week. In addition to the raids, there’s challenge modes. And hopefully finishing heroic older raids, and I’d like to go back on normal and just get the achievements. 

Plus Monday is half-price pizza at Prickly, and I’d like to do another pizza/game night again. Play some more of those card games Ashley has, or maybe some Settlers. Unsurprisingly, card games are easier to play at restaurants than boardgames with large boards. Who’da thunk it, right?

So far, studying has gone great. Ok, so there were 30 40 more pages I could have read today, but I read all my notes for 2 classes, and 75% of another class. That’s pretty darn good. Public Health should be a breeze, and I’m starting to feel comfortable with Pathology. Clin Med is Friday, I’m not thinking past Tuesday yet. Heck, I’m trying not to think of Tuesday yet. One day at a time, and try not to just go to the store and buy all the awful junk food and get sick. I had a coke and starbursts today and felt my attention span just decay to nothing. I did not buy cookie dough at IGA last week. I am still debating if I need to go this week. I’m almost out of bread, but have enough juice and fruit for smoothies for a while. I guess it depends on how often I eat out. I might see about going to the coffee shop for waffles after one of our tests, that’s one meal planned.

So, tomorrow: study more path! All the path, and anesthesia, and something else. Probably Avian/Exotics or Clin Med. I made a very nice study schedule, very open-ended too. Simply 2 to 3 classes a day until midterms are over, and read the notes. If I can stick to it, I’ll get through the week. And possibly a celebration on Friday! With daylight’s savings, I’ll have to see if I raid on Friday or need to recover from tests. I am missing the next Friday for Fish Friday, no help for that. I want to go to one while I am here, and though it would be cool to go with my boyfriend when he visits, the smell of seafood often puts him off eating, so…. I’ll go with Ashley and her boyfriend and some other folks!

Details will be finalized about this Friday later, and I’ll inform the appropriate people about my raid attendance. For now, it’s all the studying.

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