Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to School

My plan had been to log on during breaks between class and do some farming, but the internet is acting up on campus. It works for some, not for others, then it loads a page, then it doesn’t. Now, no internet would be fine if I downloaded powerpoints before class, but I usually do not. But since the only other things I have to do during my breaks is study, writing something seemed more appealing.

Got my horde shaman to 90. I’ll still go ahead and farm things for BiS CM gear, even if I don’t end up running any. It’ll give me something to do. I have a feeling my friend might be being too nice again and not actually need any help anymore, and just doesn’t know how to tell me. He had talked about tanking on his monk and letting me DPS as ele, but we’ll see. Either way, now I have a shaman and druid horde side, plus my 80 monk. 

People have asked me what I am going to level first. I can’t decide. I have loved my monk, and had a blast on her. My druid is still my first max level toon and my favorite to heal on. And I always think of myself as someone who plays a resto druid, and occasionally other things. So when asked who I want to level first I think everyone!

But I need a plan. So, I’d like to level my druid first, then my monk, then probably one of my horde toons. That last one will depend on what ends up happening horde-side, if I end up raiding or plan do run CMs over there in WoD. And that order could swap too. After that it’d probably be my priest and rogue to have a JC and enchanter. Plus I hate just selling lockboxes and dislike having someone else open for me when I can do it my self. Though if I end up doing nothing horde-side, I might have to put my mage in there for alchemy. Of course, that depends on how expensive enchants/gems/flasks are, and how the profession changes and garrisons work out.

In other news I successfully tanked last night! Heroic Immerseus, then up through Sha. I still have a lot to learn if I am going to keep tanking (unlikely) but I had fun. Took a few attempts on Imm to get things right, both me and the other tank (both monks) were tanking the heroic version for the first time. But we got it! I completely missed gouge on Protectors, and we used 3 tanks for Norushen so I could only screw up so much. If I am going to keep tanking I’ll set up a few things to help me, and as I become more familiar I’ll get better. I still can’t do the DPS as a tank I know other monks with my gear can. But I had fun, which I needed. Raiding lately has been a chore.

We’re not really trying for progress, more to evaluate people for raiding next expansion. Which means we are bringing anyone who shows up along, pretty much. And I need to remember that when we die to things, that these aren’t my normal raiders, I need to quit assuming what people can and can’t do.

And I know we need to either recruit or find from within a 20 man raid team for next expansion, but I wish we were doing it separate from raiding. In flex, say. But that’s just cause I get frustrated and then I get talky and complain, and then I make a nuisance of myself. I haven’t learned to shut up, and so far only 1 person (thank GOD for him) tells me to shut up. I try to tell everyone that it’s ok and encouraged to tell me to shut up, but only one person takes me up on it.

We have an hour to finish CMs tonight, here’s hoping they go well. I talked to our tank, just a very general “you’re really hard to heal.” I’m hoping she’ll take that and do some research, make things easier for all of us next time.

Classes have been fun. I love our surgery professor. Just straight faced, no change in tone, tells us if we’re worried when we pull on the testicle to get it out and break attachments that we’ve broken something, that the tongue should move in when we tug on it and have someone check. Our therio professor is a large animal person right now. We’re starting with cows. She’s a blast, even though I don’t really care about getting cows pregnant, which makes classes fun.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer's Done

It’s been a while since I have posted. I’ve been busy, putting the time to use. Not, perhaps, the best use, but doing things a least.

For the first time since, ohh, probably 2010 I am completely unpacked. Might be a year or two longer. No storage shed, no boxes at my mom’s (except a few dishes, but I am not counting those) nothing anywhere. And I have discovered missing books. And duplicate books. I mean, I like Good Omens, but I probably don’t need 3 copies. 

In WoW, I’m very busy right now. My guild is doing 25 mans two nights a week, open to anyone who shows up pretty much. The other night we had 34 people who wanted to raid, so I broke off into a 10 man. Took us a while to get that last spot, but we did 8 bosses in two and a half hours, with quite a few breaks trying to grab that 10th person. Not too bad, I think. I did admit, I think I snagged one of the good tanks, even if he hadn’t tanked normal before. I had fun.

On the challenge mode front, 2 more left with my monk, and I have started some on my mage. Knocked 1 out, and I actually looked like I knew what I was doing. There was talk of trying for some realm best times, maybe. I hope so, it sounds like a ton of fun. I told my fried horde-side about it, since he’s actually got 7 of the realm best times, and is working on the last two. He is looking forward to the competition. And I was present with an offer to do CM carries if I managed to get an ele shaman together horde side. I’m working on leveling one. My friend and a couple of XP boost potions carried me to 79 really quickly, but I have run out of potions. I’ve managed to make it to 88, but classes have started back up so my leveling time has dropped. One and a half levels, hopefully by the end of Tuesday I’ll be set. Then on to farming gear, but I can run LFRs and study at the same time easier than I can level and study.

In other news, I am happy to say I can heal CMs with my monk. I know that’s an odd thing to say 7/9, but we’ve really been struggling with this group. I was really worried it was me, because the tank was just dropping left and right. Having healed another tank, the difference was amazing. There were still time he was taking lots of damage and I had to spam some heals his way, but he was so much easier to heal.  Pulls that had wiped us in the other group were simple. Our issues came from low DPS and repeated interruptions. I think we’ll be fine next week when our usual group is all together and I can get back on my mage. Our healer forgot we had CMs scheduled and was at work, so I swapped to heals and snagged a completely unprepared toon from an experienced friend and we muddled through quite well. To be honest, I liked the chance to heal on my monk. I really was worried that our struggles in that group were my healing issues, but nope, it’s bigger than just me. Not saying I don’t contribute to it, but replacing me won’t fix everything.

And I will get to tank normals on my monk next week! Admittedly I mentioned it to my RL because I really liked tanking and I feel one of our tanks is having issues. Didn’t work out quite as I planned, it’s me and the tank I’ve been feeling iffy about. But yay! I loved the chance I had to tank, it was fun. Here’s hoping I don’t screw it up and wipe the raid on accident. And I suppose I shouldn’t try to wipe them on purpose, probably too easy as a tank to just face things the wrong way and kill people. 

And back to vet school quotes: “What do you think you’re going to learn in this class?” “How to get a girl pregnant.” “Well, female, sure how to impregnate a female of one of our domestic species.”

“They keep telling me do’t touch the students, well I can’t help it.”