Friday, December 28, 2012

No Need to Procrastinate

I started this blog to procrastinate, and most of my posts have come from that too. Since I am home for the winter break, with no tests to study for I don't have to procrastinate and posting has slowed down.

Heard back from NCSU and VMRCVM. No transfer for me, back to sunny Grenada I go in a few weeks. A little sad, but with this weather I am looking forward to 85 and sunny. I suppose I'll try again next semester.

I decided to work over break at my old job, which has been interesting. I might look for something that will get me more, new experience over the summer. Maybe with horses again.

Going well on WoW, got my monk into healing. Hard to tell how you're doing in LFR (especially when I think recount in messing up) and you don't know the quality of the healers you are with.  I might try to bring her along to the raid tonight instead of my druid, depending on who comes along. We've been just hitting enrage a few times, and maybe a bit of fistweaving (a small as the DPS is) might help. I'll leave it up to the raid leader. Last time we ran with a full spectrum of druids. It is a shame they changed battle rez, pretty sure with 4 we could've done much better. Ah, probably a good thing. Teaches us to pay better attention. Fire has always been drawn to me, and i just can't help but stand in it. I have gotten tons better at that.

I hope everyone had a nice break, and wish yo all a happy new year. Probably won't hear from me again til I'm back in Grenada. Or the Miami airport. I think they make my layovers so long to sucker me out of the $8 for the daily internet.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Made it!

Finally home. Not as much time to relax and catch up on pet things and achievements in WoW as I had hoped for, I will be working at the vet clinic and with my mom at the shipping store. I probably won't be at both the whole time, but the rush to Christmas is that store's only busy time, and they just had an employee quit at Thanksgiving for some family issues. So busy me for the next few weeks.

No news from NCSU, still hoping. I started the stuff for VMRCVM anyway, and learned apparently the school thinks I owe them some money for a room change that never happened. That's for next semester. Hopefully I get it straight tomorrow, and hear from NCSU. I hung on and have an A in his to, by the skin of my teeth. At the moment, i have an A in anatomy, which is nice, but the final grade isn't in, so... That is another thing I hope to find out tomorrow.

On the WoW front, we downed the dogs in MSV, and got Feng to .02% on our best attempt. People (cough me cough) need to learn the mechanics a bit better. I admit I stand in the lightning on occasion, but it's the last phase that kills us. Finished the Uld 25 run, got my Ironbound Proto-Drake, and I'm working on farming a Brawler's guild invite as we go, as well as the Glorious! achievement. My wonderful boyfriend gave me a moonkin pet, and a personal world destroyer, adding to my list of pets to level to 25. RIght now the goal is 1 of each type to beat the Northrend pet trainers.

Doing well on the raid pet front, mostly. BWL refuses to drop pets for us as readily as the others do. We've started farming Ashes of Alar, hopefully we'll get it eventually. Half an hour once a week isn't that much time to devote to it, and I suppose I could do it 3 times a week if I really wanted to solo it on the druid and mage as well, but  I don't. I think having a druid as my main makes me devalue mounts a bit, cause I am a bird so much of the time, and it's more useful for farming herbs than mounting up.

So goals for the week: work on Shado-Pan, August Celestials, and Klaxxi as well as the raid pets. We've finished GL. Run some heroics to get healing trinkets for my monk, and learn to heal on her. I'd like to bring her to the raid this week, to exchange 1 leather wearer who needs int gear for another. But it would bring us from 3 druids in the raid to 2, and depending on who tanks there will be 1 or 2 monks in the group. We aren't very diverse, we had 3 druids, 2, shammys, and 2 mages. Lots of doubles for a 10 man.

Anyway, time to go to sleep to be ready for working tomorrow. Night!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Waiting is the hardest part of an exam, especially these computer exams. Someone inevitable has a problem downloading, especially since we now have to download 45 min before the exam since someone on this campus managed to open their test before the exam. So we get there early, and wait. I hope I remember everything. So much information for this one test.

No news from NCSU, but I sent an e-mail yesterday asking about it, so here's hoping. I also sent my transcripts off to Virginia Tech, just in case, so I can start that process if needed.

Only 1 pet dropped from MC and BWL last night, but we got Jing the OS103D mount. I don't know if 2 90's can solo OS25, but we'l give it a shot next week. Then ask for help :)
I'm hoping to rope a few more people into doing an Uld 10 achievement run. 2 bosses left in the 25 one, we'll get em next Sunday. The plan for today is AQ40 then Naxx for pets, then seeing if that staff from my inscriptionist raises my level enough to give mistweaving a try. I enjoy windwalking a lot, so I hope mistweaving agrees with me,  would give the run a tad more diversity. Well, at least bring the number of druids to 2 from 3.

And still have 10 minutes to go til the exam starts.
I'm going to have to miss the raid on Friday, the plan is to pack and play magic since I fly out Saturday morning. Only a few more days here! And I still haven't gotten a tan. Maybe I can spend some of tomorrow on the beach. I need to look for some spices as gifts for a friend too.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

So, Yeah

My lofty goals of studying for not 1, but 2 tests today went out the window. On the bright side, we finished all the old raids with pets in them. I hate dying in Blackrock Mountain, by the way. I always get so lost, and after figuring out where Blackwing Lairs entrance was, and then getting attuned, I was feeling pretty good. Until that death. Oh well. Nefarion bugged outta there before we could kill him, so we'll get him next time. We have to run them at least 2 more times, to get the pets for me and pick up the ones we missed for my boyfriend.
I should introduce him quickly- Jingpang, panda mage. Started playing when I got down here for school, so we can do something together. We plan to do BigBearButt's Ulduar run tomorrow. I love Ulduar, and Naxx. That was when I started to play, and Ulduar was where I fist started progression raiding. Our guild was very small, barely 10 people to raid. That's why we fell apart so easily when everyone went home for the summer and stopped playing. We were students at Virginia Tech, the core group of 5. It would be interesting to see where I would have gone if my ex hadn't demanded I quit. Yeah, not a smart relationship. Nice enough guy, but so many irreconcilable differences.

In a surprising turnabout, I read over the physiology notes for this test and they MADE SENSE the first time through. Perfectly. That hasn't happened before, they've either been sorta ok but all weird, or I had a eureka! moment and figured it all out, or they stayed confusing but I muddled through the test anyway. So it was a pleasant surprise to learn respiration today. I would like another eureka! moment, it was so nice, very exhilarating. All of a sudden, I knew what was happening in the heart! It was very cool, let's just say that.

In more good news, my monk hit level 460 today so we did out first LFR. Never topped the damage, but I was consistently about number 7 or 8. Pretty nice, and as I learn to pay better attention to a few things, that should smooth out. I am finding I really love monk DPS. It's much easier than my feral kitty, and just a tad more to pay attention to that my mage. Just right. I still intend to heal someday, if only because I want to raid with her and we always run short on healers and tanks, and because I hate long queues. I've thought about tanking just to eliminate queue times before, but I always balk at being in a position to take a ton of blame from strangers.
I suppose people blame healers too, but I am used to that role.

Elay made it to her first Mogushan Vaults run last night! A horrible failure in taking down the boss, a rousing success in learning the mechanics (on my part at least). And the discovery that I run out of mana very easily. Not exactly unknown to me. That's another reason to try monk, see how my mana/chi management game plays out.

In one week, I will be home, with wireless internet, TV, and a stove. As well as my boyfriend, dog, family, and job. And hopefully I will be on the hunt for a new car/apartment in NC! I will know in 2 days now, I can hardly wait! I have stopped excessively checking my e-mail cause no school officials work on weekends, at least not right now.

So I hope everyone has a good evening, I'm off to try to get to sleep before 4 am, good night!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Test Anxiety

It's not something I've ever suffered from before, and I wouldn't classify what I am feeling as quite anxiety. Nervous, certainly. Clinical Orientation in an hour, then next week my three hardest classes worth the most credits. I keep checking my e-mail every half hour hoping NC State has sent me something.
I feel like there is not enough time to do all I want to. I have to make sure I know a semester worth of physio and anatomy, and all the slides for histo.
But after today, I will have 3 tests and a week between me and home. Hopefully on Monday I will be super excited about NC state and not really depressed about it.  Worse comes to worse, I'm still a vet student, just on a tropical island. I keep saying that, but sometimes it doesn't sink in.
What we're learning now I will need to know forever. I'm not used to that, most classes to date have been requirements for vet school, or fun things to destress. There were some things I learned in class that applied to my job in the lab, but I felt I learned those more in the lab than in class, so it has been a bit of a struggle holding on to the idea that this is important forever, not just for the test.
A few classmates are complaining because out physio class is cumulative, while every other major class except anatomy is only from the midterm on. I was pleasantly surprised when all of our exams weren't cumulative, like I had expected at the beginning of the year.

I've been trying to take on the Darkmoon Faire trainer, with no success. Only 2 level 25 pets, and only one is helpful in that battle.

Good luck with exams to anyone suferring from them, happy weekend to everyone!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Final Time!

It's final time! 3 down, 4 to go. So far, so good. I love when Dr. P comes to do anatomy reviews. Even now, the week before the final we expect something entirely different than he gives.
So animal nutrition, radiology, and animal welfare and behavior are finished. Tomorrow is clinical orientation so tonight I get to learn cow, sheep, and camelid breeds. Horses I have down, and dogs and cats won't be on the exam probably because we are already very familiar with them.
Next week is the big 3- my two 5 credit hour courses and my 4 credit one, histo, anatomy and physio.
So much to learn, so much time I have wasted doing other stuff.

On a similar note, I got my Restless Shadeling and my awesome boyfriend bought me a Cinder Kitten. Now we're running old raids for the pets, and hopefully I can start on my quest to get Ashes of Al'ar. So far we've picked up two of the pets from AQ40 for him, and downed one quarter of Naxx before my internet gave out. Ahh, Grenada, you never fail to do something to screw up exam time. Internet down with no notice starting at 5 one day, then 10 the next? Well done. Like moving our exam without letting us know.

Should I be worried that there are 4 hours blocked off for this exam tomorrow? We only had about 20 total hours of class for this. Ok, maybe more, I made that number up from rough guessing.

I had rolled my monk with an eye to healing, but I am having a ton of fun windwalking. As a healer, i didn't pay attention to who was on top of the damage charts, so watching now is fun. At least while I'm up there knowing I have worse gear, minimal gemming and no enchants only on the few good items I have. I can't even do LFR yet with my level, but I can top charts against much better geared people. At least, before the patch. It's fun!

The PST thing is screwing me just from the pet. Staying up til 4 to get a pet was annoying, but I only have to do it once. I liked the fishing tournaments, I am glad they are coming back. That was the hardest part of the Salty achieve, making my self available to compete, and then actually winning one. That is the title I am most proud of. Second would be getting the Noble on my 35 mage and my rogue before achieves were account wide. Do you know how annoying it is to do some of that stuff at level 35? Ungoro Crater was not easy to hop through as a bunny. But it was fun.

So, to all the other students struggling with finals, good luck! I find out about my transfer on Monday, so here's hoping!