Sunday, December 16, 2012

Made it!

Finally home. Not as much time to relax and catch up on pet things and achievements in WoW as I had hoped for, I will be working at the vet clinic and with my mom at the shipping store. I probably won't be at both the whole time, but the rush to Christmas is that store's only busy time, and they just had an employee quit at Thanksgiving for some family issues. So busy me for the next few weeks.

No news from NCSU, still hoping. I started the stuff for VMRCVM anyway, and learned apparently the school thinks I owe them some money for a room change that never happened. That's for next semester. Hopefully I get it straight tomorrow, and hear from NCSU. I hung on and have an A in his to, by the skin of my teeth. At the moment, i have an A in anatomy, which is nice, but the final grade isn't in, so... That is another thing I hope to find out tomorrow.

On the WoW front, we downed the dogs in MSV, and got Feng to .02% on our best attempt. People (cough me cough) need to learn the mechanics a bit better. I admit I stand in the lightning on occasion, but it's the last phase that kills us. Finished the Uld 25 run, got my Ironbound Proto-Drake, and I'm working on farming a Brawler's guild invite as we go, as well as the Glorious! achievement. My wonderful boyfriend gave me a moonkin pet, and a personal world destroyer, adding to my list of pets to level to 25. RIght now the goal is 1 of each type to beat the Northrend pet trainers.

Doing well on the raid pet front, mostly. BWL refuses to drop pets for us as readily as the others do. We've started farming Ashes of Alar, hopefully we'll get it eventually. Half an hour once a week isn't that much time to devote to it, and I suppose I could do it 3 times a week if I really wanted to solo it on the druid and mage as well, but  I don't. I think having a druid as my main makes me devalue mounts a bit, cause I am a bird so much of the time, and it's more useful for farming herbs than mounting up.

So goals for the week: work on Shado-Pan, August Celestials, and Klaxxi as well as the raid pets. We've finished GL. Run some heroics to get healing trinkets for my monk, and learn to heal on her. I'd like to bring her to the raid this week, to exchange 1 leather wearer who needs int gear for another. But it would bring us from 3 druids in the raid to 2, and depending on who tanks there will be 1 or 2 monks in the group. We aren't very diverse, we had 3 druids, 2, shammys, and 2 mages. Lots of doubles for a 10 man.

Anyway, time to go to sleep to be ready for working tomorrow. Night!

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