Thursday, May 9, 2013

Writing Yourself

I am applying for transfer, and somehow the professors I ask for letters of recommendation always ask me to write my own. Thankfully I have been provided guidelines this time, the last attempt was so awful I can't even look at it now.

I have been putting it off, but I bit the bullet and did it today. I hope it came out ok, it's really hard to write about myself in an effusive and complimentary way. I am who I am, and I don't really know how to say that and make me sound unique and desirable as a candidate. I'm very straight forward. I work, I read, I play WoW. It's a good thing I looked myself up on HokieStalker, it reminded me of some things I have been involved in that are pretty neat and sound like I am an active, outgoing person. It's also occasionally shocking when you learn things from googling yourself. Like your dad's age... I swear I know how old my parents are, I just forgot. Let's ope this letter sounds good, and next fall I get to see the seasons change in North Carolina. If not, I get eternal summer down in Grenada, so I can't complain.

On the WoW front, I finished my Children's Week stuff for the meta. That's my PvP for the month. Except I want that awesome bow for my hunter, so 1 BG per weekend I try to do to eventually get there. THe hunter and I are also more than a month into the winterspring panther mount, just keep forgetting to do that daily. I think I have 7 whiskers now. Ah well, some day. Maybe after finals. And I'll do all the mount farming, and level all the alts, and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. As a side note, I grew up on musicals. I loved "The King and I" and once I learned to whistle (at 18, I learned late) I love to whistle that song.

Still stuck at Ambershaper, but this time we reliably made it to phase 3, with tons of time left on the beserk timer. It's just interrupting explosions and not dieing after that that gets us. I have suggested, since we are stuck there so long, and this week only 2 out of 8 items went to main spec, 2 to off, and the rest melted, that we might want to split up our raids. One night work on amber shaper and extend the lockout, and another progress elsewhere. We'll see if/how that goes.

Alright, up way too late before a final. Let's wish me luck, on the tests and transfer, and good night all.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stressfully Happy

It's been a long time with no updates. Finals are just around the corner, so procrastination blogging is back. I'm happier than I was my last 2 posts. We've been stuck on Ambershaper, but after that it's 1 boss then Terrace and on to ToT. I am hoping we can blow through Terrace, and I want to try to brin my druid for that fight. I love seeing the huge numbers pop up. I'll let Renala give it a shot first before I try to switch.

In other news, got the Onyxian Drake the other night. A guildie ran it and had the mount drop, which prompted me and my boyfriend to have a run through, and lo and behold, another mount drop! Still have to keep going to get him one, we weren't so lucky as to have another one drop on our alt run. Still fun. I feel a tad silly not realizing the Vial of the Sands recipe was BoP, so I finally leveled my alchemists archeology to take advantage of that klaxxi signal beacon and got it! Have to keep going for the mount and pet, but I will do that another day. I have 3 more continents to finish pet tamer on so I can get the "zookeeper" title when summer comes. I really want that title, but have been lazy in my pet collecting. But it will finally be a title to for my mage, who can't make up her mind which one fits best so just sticks with "Salty." She has done most of the hard work with pet collecting- teleporting wherever ha been nice.

I am 5 secrets of the empire from finishing that legendary quest for ze monk, and just starting it for the druid. I am looking forward to having it done. Managed to fit in 7 LFR's yesterday, trying to get them done early in the week. People have way less mercy then, kicking people who were ark for more than 1 ready check, but sadly not the people who pulled all the trash. I still remember that nice LFR leader who put down world markers so people took the right path... it was so nice, quick, and trash free. Oh well, just 5, maybe 10 minutes on trash. I can suck it up.

My baby hunter is sitting niely at 59, doing the daily winterspring cub quest (when I remember...) and my boyfriend is trying to convince me to take up my DK again. She's sitting at 75, managing my defunct guild's bank as extra personal storage, hlding a fishing pole cause I accidentally DE'd her weapon one day... Never really got DK's well, but we'll see how it goes, if I give her another shot.

Off to study some bacteriology, and learn all about the gross things that are usually commensal organisms and present on me already. Ta!