Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!

Alright! Expect even less posting than normal over the next few days. My boyfriend is coming to visit. It’ll be nice to have him here, and we get a 4 day weekend for Easter so this is the best time for visits. Most of the things I have been thinking of doing are places to eat, so we’ll have to find something so he actually sees Grenada.

Raiding last night went about as expected for Shamans. We wiped a handful of times. Hunter died to lag, I died to being stupid, lost a few other people to something similar. Then we took a break and did it about as well as we ever do. We did not one-shot Nazgrim, so we failed the Gamon achievement. Ah well, will give me time to set that up another week. Nothing really exciting happened otherwise. I was super tired and I warned everyone before hand  I was going to be slow and laughing at nothing but any real jokes would likely go over my head.

Since I don’t have much else to say, I figured I’d do a brief history of my WoW time. Brief warning: heavily weighted toward the stuff in MoP I’ve been up to recently.  I started playing in college, in Wrath, with an ex-boyfriend because he wanted something we could do together. Very surprising move on his part since his last girlfriend left him for someone she met on WoW. But anyway, we rolled horde toons on Anatheron and got started. A hunter for me, because I got pets that way. Shortly after that he leveled an alliance toon on a different server because some friends of his had a guild on Cenarion Circle. We kept leveling the horde toons until 42. I don’t know why I didn’t stop and make a toon on Cenarion Circle right away as well, but I did a short time later. And Elaylda was created.

I rolled a druid, because the guild did not have a druid healer and if they didn’t need one I could do something else. I loved my druid. Sure, hunters get pets but as a druid I can be a cat! So I happily leveled feral then swapped to resto at 80- a pattern I have picked up for all my healers. Not one has been leveled in a healing spec. Anyway, I reached 80 and was run through a few heroics and Naxx 10 a couple of times. Ulduar came out fairly shortly later, and we started working on that. We had just enough people to fill a 10 man raid and happily got to it. And then summer came.

I stayed in Blacksburg and took organic chemistry over the summer. My then boyfriend went home and stopped playing, as did several of his friends. I continued to raid, and we got fill-ins. We made it to Yogg-Saron during this. And it really bugged him that I would raid while I talked to him on skype. Really annoyed him. So I quit WoW, and didn’t come back til Cata.

In Cata, I’d started another druid- Elaylda, again, on Earthen Ring to play with my brother and his girlfriend. Around this time that old boyfriend and I broke up. Those old guildies were his college friends, and most of them had stopped playing. I still pop in on Cenarion Circle very rarely, and never see anyone in that guild. Anyway, a short way into leveling again I decided I really didn’t want to and moved my druid over to Earthen Ring. Unfortunately, Elaylda and Elaylda had the same name. I was just going to delete the low level toon, but before I could my brother’s girlfriend said “oh, you don’t need to do that” and came over and renamed her Elayldá. With that weird a I can’t type. Oh well, it was done and I had already paid for a realm transfer, I’m not paying for a name change. 

So Elaylda made it to 85 and we ran heroics as a feral kitty. My brother healed and his GF tanked. Sometime between my start in Wrath and my return in Cata, I had gotten really shy and would no longer do anything group wise if I didn’t know people in the group. So I did not heal or raid in Cata at all. I did do all the Molten Front stuff on a handful of toons- not raiding left me lots of time for dailies. Sometime after that, I stopped playing again because I met my current boyfriend and started spending a large chunk of my free time with him.

And then MoP came out, during my first semester of vet school. And my boyfriend, knowing I had played WoW, picked it up so we’d have something to do together while we were at school. I leveled my druid- then in a guild of strangers, since my brother and girlfriend had left the guild they created (Hearts of Elune, now my personal storage space) and I’d moved my druid over with them before I stopped playing. I rolled a monk to level with my boyfriend, and Renala was made. At some time during this, I walked into Icon completely on accident responding to a recruitment post in general chat. I moved my mage, because I wanted to get a feel of the place before I moved all my toons.

They were good folk, and after a bit I moved most of my higher level toons to the guild. My monk was leveling well, and I was really enjoying it. For someone who claims to hate melee, most of my toons are melee or leveled in melee specs. So Icon got off to a slow start raiding, but I happily took my druid along to heal.

And Elaylda healed normals, and Renala did the LFRs. Until The 4th boss of MSV, where we were hitting the enrage timer, and I offered to get my monk for that tiny bit more DPS. And suddenly I was a monk healer. And it’s stayed that way since. My druid still kept up on the legendary cloak stuff, because it was hard to admit my main was no longer my druid. 

Our raids ended up taking a break when the SoO patch dropped, and in that time I responded to a group LF Healer for SoO. I came along- they loved the idea of a fistweaving monk, and I met the Sacred folk. I enjoyed playing with them, and offered to heal anytime I could. And boom, I’m raiding Tues/Thurs on my monk. Well, originally that was Mon/Tues, but I was unable to come on Mondays due to guild flex so days were changed. Awesome people over there.

Icon got its raid together a month or so after that, and Elaylda stepped back into normals again. And I was raiding Wed/Fri again. And then flexing on Sat and Mon. And then doing CM, and arenas, and running old stuff for legendaries and made an officer in the guild and ahh so much stuff to do. And that’s how I got to where I am now. Heavily weighted towards the current stuff, cause I remember it better.

But that’s the history of Renala and Elaylda with the weird a, my 2 main toons. Below is a picture of Renala in her healing mog, and Elaylda pretending to be a dinosaur. Between the two, Nala is the more obviously outgoing bouncy one, while Elay is sneakier about it. Nala rushes right into everything, while Elay just quietly moves things along by “accidentally” pulling trash packs and throwing unnecessary heals on tanks til they get the idea and pull things. Ok, almost all of those trash pulls are really accidents. 

Vet School Randomness for today:
“There’s one [hamster] down in a hole. looks like they have a tube over it. So it can’t attack.”
“How they (hamsters) spear head their terrorist activity”.
“What’s a smart dog versus a dumb dog?…pottying outside is really the line in the sand for most people.”
“I don’t know how you live without kicking yorkie puppies.”

Our teacher stood in the corner for a minute after she told us we could do pornovenography instead of portovenography. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Slow Week

Yay, our raid leader is back! Whoo! Now he can deal with people and I can merely commiserate. Not really, but I am really happy to see him back. Even though I now know 2 of us can take down Firelands, the addition of a third will greatly increase our chance of success. Possibly a fourth- the other guildie who hangs out in vent on occasion mentioned he likes to run older stuff too. Just need to recruit him to the cause. My interest in the mounts has been temporarily renewed, since I learned they drop on normal.

I also finally learned how to avoid the clouds on Alyzrazor- too late to get the achievement for anyone, but hey, still nice. 

Yeah, not a lot happened yesterday. My rogue is on the valor part of the quest, and hopefully my druid will catch her this week. 

I’ve decided to let most of my plans sit until summer. Pretty much all of them, really. If people admit to boredom in my hearing, then I’ll snag them and work on a few of the smaller achievements I want to get. Maybe I’ll still try to get a world boss run together for the guild achievement. And I’d like to finish the achievements for SoO on flex, so I can bring along everyone who helped with part 1. Plus a few other people. I just have to find out if everyone is interested, available on Saturday nights in general, and if flex will be on Sunday like I am thinking. 

I’ve decided to revise my goals a bit. I feel like I need to go back and look at my old ones, so let me see where they were. It’s usually true for me if I tell someone I will do something, I am more likely to get it done than if I only tell myself. Of course that doesn’t work for sleeping. That’s another thing- between 8 AM and 8 PM, I love sleep. I’d sleep in if I didn’t have class, I nap if I can. After that, it feels like sleep is an enemy to avoid, stealing my time. Which is silly- that time I’m awake I’m mentally exhausted and probably a third to half is spent watching pointless youtube videos, and the rest reading for fun.

But goals (and not being stupid about sleep is going up in the new ones):
Old ones: studying more, making it to the grocery store (as opposed to my “how long can I go between trips” thing I’ve been trying lately)
I did accomplish all my WoW plans. 

New ones: revised- the plan is still to study more, the goal is to work towards being the vet I want for my pets.
That one is larger than it may seem. I am not the best student, and I am easily distracted. Once I do something I perceive as failing, it takes me a while to get out of the slump and go back to it. I feel like there are a lot of skills and knowledge I am expected to have that has mostly been introduced to me without being taught. Lots of catching up and self study to do, but I have been provided all the resources to succeed- the rest if just effort and time.

Work towards being healthier. I have a horrible sleep schedule, and no excuse for it. It’s like I treat going to bed as an enemy (though naps are treasured friends) and it makes me cranky and more prone to letting the little things bother me. I think there are a few things I can do here. Exercise is a good one. I have a very sedentary lifestyle, especially since I stopped working at the barn and started college. It’s gorgeous here, I should make more of an effort to get outside and walk. Sunlight will probably benefit me too- it does not look like I go to school on a tropical island.

Then I have a few things merely on my to-do list (in no particular order)
-coordinate a day and time for flex, and announce it
-do my FAFSA for student loans next year

Those are the 2 things  I really want to knock out, so I stop worrying about them. Really everything else is little things that don’t really matter, and can certainly wait 6 weeks until I am done with finals. Yes, I want the mounts from some things, but realistically I don’t have the time or will to farm them. 
A side note- I was scolded for running Ulduar with the OLRG and not my friend. So of course we went back to finish it out. And of course all the shaman/hunter tier pieces dropped since I brought my shaman and my friend had finally (after weeks of this) gotten his hunter legs and was on his DK. I go for fun more than for transmog so I find it a tad funny. 

Raid recap: we had 1 shot on Garrosh, which was not the best. We were 2 people short and it took a while to fill. We ended up using someone’s lockout to Thok and knocking out Thok, Seigecrafter, and Paragons.

Thok was great- I rolled my helm, and silently cried that the hunter took the agility neck that was an off-spec upgrade for me. I did tell him to, if it was any kind of upgrade. I just want to replace my timeless neck, and that haste/crit looked nice. Warforged too. I shouldn’t complain- there is only 1other agility leather wearer, and our hunter (that one was a fill-in, our regular hunter is MIA) so my off-spec is really well geared. We took out the next to really easily, and then it was quitting time. A shame it took so long to get that group together, I think we had a good chance at Garrosh if we’d started with them.

Vet school quote “Please remember this. You might see it again. Where’s that spoon…” on actually something a bit interesting. Don’t grab gerbils by the tail, it will deglove and you’ll have skin and fur and a gerbil with a bleeding tail will be running away from you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Friday Review, a Bit Late

This weekend turned out pretty well. Since I was feeling pretty crappy about raiding last week, I asked everyone on Friday if they wanted to do something fun, and do a few achievements when we started fresh. We knocked out the first 4 very nicely. We were about 4% short on DPS for Norushen to just have no one take an orb, but we were fine sending 1 person down. Oddly, the one I thought would be pretty easy took 3 attempts- the Protectors. We fudged it up first time by 2-healing, and putting the mark on a healer when lots of people needed heals. Yeah. But we rallied, only to fail again and get it on the third try. Doing Immerseus was fun, gave me something to do as a druid. We raid with 3, plus a mage that night so that one was easy, took 2 serious attempts to get it. And we one-shot the Sha of Pride’s achievement, so yay! The rest we’ll have to go back and get in flex.

And flex. It went OK- got through first 2 wings. There were some grumblings and really upset people thought.  We had no restrictions on flex other than “be level 90” and we don’t kick anyone from flex. Though our guild leader did tell us we can kick people who won’t get in vent. I use my judgement on that one- if I know you, and you know what to do, or you aren’t a guildie but appear competent I’m perfectly happy to let you stay out of vent. Lately we’ve had a lot of people I picked up from LFG, and I don’t require vent cause I don’t want to limit our pool even more.  Anyway, flex requirements- after flex, we talked and came up with ilevel 480. Our guild master wants to keep it open, an experience for people who don’t get to raid and for people to learn to raid and she didn’t want to require people do LFR or anything like that. I agreed, ok that’s doable. Then I woke up and went “that’s still not fair to the rest of us” and talked to her about it again. 

Our flex had someone ilevel 434. We can clearly carry someone through part one who does pretty much nothing. But the rest get harder. We don’t have as stringent as I’d like, but since we don’t have a flex that is starting on part 3 or 4, I’m ok with what we came up with. We agreed to 496, which is doable with some time on the Timeless Isle. I will (as always) offer my services as taxi to ferry people around and help gear up. I feel that part of learning to raid is learning that you have to gear up before you jump right in, and requiring that level shows a little commitment toward our goal.

I have no problem with people using flex as an opportunity to learn to raid. I have no problem with people using flex to gear up alts. But it is not fair to the people who show up to flex because they can’t raid other days and to have to struggle unnecessarily because we have people who are putting in very little effort. And I do feel that it only takes a few hours on the timeless isle to get to 496. We’ll re-evaluate in a few weeks, and see how it went.

Now, the time for flex is still up in the air. Evening times seem to work better than the afternoon time. And we have a few people on west coast time who have told me the earliest they can do is noon EST, which is fair, though it means any ideas of a quick morning run are out. There are only 3 days I could do flex- Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Monday evening a few people work, Saturday evening one person has a normal raid. And I really don’t want to cut either of them out. One has been with us regularly from nearly the beginning, the other will do whatever I want which I really like… well, I mean he’ll tank or heal if I need him to. No flex this weekend for the holiday, which gives me some time to chat with people and find a day.

In other news, I have decided my horde druid and maybe my rogue can have their chance to get a cloak. I might change my mind on that as I do more LFRs. I had one person absolutely convinced- typing in all caps convinced- that I was killing people healing through Malkorok’s Ancient Miasma. Don’t know why he picked me, I wasn’t top healer. Ok, I do- I always try to help people learn, so I was marking and calling “move” and “stack” so I make a vocal target. That guy was convinced healing was converted to damage- a perfect example of someone who tried to read their dungeon journal, and missed a few key words. And a great reminder of what’s in store if I truly do go for it. 

Vet school quote of the day: “Do you want to sword fight with a liver then hope to god they can clot afterwards?”

Monday, April 14, 2014

Short Randomness

Alright, I’ve already gone grocery shopping so that’s one goal down, whoo!

A few things today. First, I feel old. It’s my little brother’s birthday! And he’s 18! He’ll be starting college this fall. I’m not sure where, but hopefully he listened to the advice of someone who is about to be in debt for at least the next 27 years, barring winning the lottery (unlikely- I never buy tickets) and he’ll go in state. But happy birthday to him! 

Raiding this week has been bad all around. A short recap of the whole week: Tuesday we did so poorly on Seigecrafter that raid leader asked us if we wanted to quit an hour early. Wednesday we spent the whole night wiping on Thok. Last night we did maybe 5 pulls on Garrosh. We had to find 2 people, and lost one part way through. An hour before quitting time we stopped to do flex so we could try for some heirlooms, since it was obvious Garrosh was living.

We failed to get him in flex, but our one attempt was very good. One more healer might have been fantastic- we used the stacking method, and it was tough with the 2 of us. Doable, in flex at least, but boy did I heal. Then it was past stopping time, and  we just called it.

Tonight we’ll start fresh. We’ll see how far we get, and maybe the week after next we’ll just work on Garrosh. I’m not entirely sure- we’ll see how it goes. I still think we’ll wipe a ton, but I also think we will eventually get it. Maybe we’ll have an awesome group show up for flex, and we can do part 4 to get some practice in. Not terribly hopeful on that point.

Managed some arenas last night. Took a while to get back in the swing of things. I think all the raiding has been getting me down, and I’m not playing as well as I should be. But we capped conquest, and I can buy a chest later today. I gave up on the celestials- double gold every week on my druid since prideful gear has started dropping.

Exotic animal lesson for today: Lock up your gram scales. They have a tendency to vanish.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Small Steps

So I accidentally called it on Wednesday’s raid. I didn’t mean to! I was joking when I said “2 hours of wiping on Thok” I honestly thought we’d get him down and be facing Garrosh on Friday.

Goshdarnint, I knew we should’ve done fresh. We were missing 5 people at the start of raid and even with our 3 reserves were short. Ended up begging the last 2 out of friends (thanks JSM!) and a random person, who was good sport. It did not occur to me one of our DPS had a decent healer alt until the last 2 pulls, and we got him to 3% and wiped. We might’ve done a bit better too if I hadn’t had our hunter tank so I could get HoP and tranq uninterrupted… Hindsight. Yeah.
Oh well- the plan is fresh on Friday now, since we’re missing at least 3 and I know we can safely 2-heal most of the early bosses. 

I was reminded again how much I’d rather play with nice people than jerks, even if we move slower and have to work around our capabilities. A few of us did some BGs to get someone through that part of the legendary quest, and I got a chance to chatter with one of our tanks, the one we’ve been worried about, and I was reminded she’s really a fun person. I got her perspective on raiding, and got a big reminder of why I shouldn’t expect everyone to know all the fight before we get there. We take different tracks of thought there- she would rather clear stuff for the first time with her guild, rather than flex of LFR with strangers, while I would rather learn the fights and see them before our guild gets there, so I know what to do already. I need a reminder that everyone is not me on occasion.

And the other half of that- my horde druid hit 90 and I went around the Timeless Isle to collect some more leather gear. When I am out in the world, and I see anyone from the guild I am in, I’ll /wave a them. Well someone in that guild took offense. Maybe he meant it as a joke, but it did not come across that way. It really upset me. Yeah, part of it is I am tired and that makes me more prone to upsets. Part of it is I like my alliance guild, and the feel we have there. And these guys in horde are a bit more… crude and less friendly. If there’s the chance I might be raiding with them in the far distant future, I want to be friendly with people. But when you get pissed at me for a /wave emote in the world? Screw you, and not the horse you rode in on because I like horses, but screw you, you jerk. 

That made me appreciate the fact that I enjoy most of my guild. I get exasperated with some people sometimes. I wish things could be different sometimes. But we’re nice people, and we’re friendly. Not always talkative, but sometimes. 

I’ve come to the conclusion I need to set some goals. I’ve been all over the place lately. So goals:
-I am going to catch up on studying. When I’m bored, I am going to study instead of finding random things to do (I’m looking at you, part of me that’s quietly saying “maybe we should start watching Game of Thrones.” No.)
-Grocery shopping! We are going today. Also going to make an effort to go up the hill every Monday for fresh fruits and veggies.
WoW Goals:
-properly set up Rene’s CM set, since I was unaware the extra legendary socket worked in CM. …and accidentally put it on a sub-par weapon. I’ll double check that.
-set up Ren’s CM set. I have the gear (I think)
-Do some arenas
-Run FL with my druid.

That’s it for now. I’ll do some other things, sure, but I don’t want to set any down as goals and feel like I must do them.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not Much Here

Not much to report on Monday. A lazy day with studying and a few random battlegrounds. Surprisingly, alliance won 1 out of the 3 we did. I know, I was surprised too. 

And our test this morning elicited the normal amount of complaints. Not about the questions, it was fairly easy and logical. But it’s not our class if we don’t complain about something.

We’re done with chicken and fish in exotics, and it’s back to small mammals. I like this professor, he’s very entertaining to listen to. Watching him act out the  “bulemic method of education”- complete with spoonfeeding (he’s a fan, good for us) and vomiting, was interesting.

My GL finally had the discussion with our tank. We’re not down a tank and healer, which is good. It is. They are nice people, and geared, and replacing both this late in the game would be annoying. I was a tad disappointed, which makes me feel like a jerk. I guess it’s just the issues we’ve had in the past, and the stress our RL goes through worrying how we’re going to down Garrosh with the issues we have. Would’ve been less stress for a while with that worry gone. Then we’d discover more issues, I’m sure.

And got a brief glimpse of our MIA RL- he will be back next week, hopefully.  He popped on while we were wiping on Thok, so not a lot of time to chat. That raid managed to get Paragons down, so we have Thursday to wipe on Garrosh. Had a lot of issues on Seigecrafter. Paragons was very messy- had only 2 DPS up at the end, and a minute and a half away from enrage. Don’t think I’ve ever been that close outside of LFR.

Back to our guild’s raid on Wednesday. We’re missing a DPS, so my goal for today is to have my friend get his friend and ask him if he wants to come along (since he’s been along before) and get that taken care of early. If that fails, I’ll be poking guildies and friends for a while until I find someone. I hate taking 20 minutes after start time to fill a raid. 

And I need to remember to announce: please show up on time and respond to your calendar invite. It just seems like common courtesy to me, and I personally hate when people treat me like a 5 year old so I don’t like to do it to others. But it appears to be necessary. I assume every week they will show, and they do, but we usually have between 2-5 people not respond. I get easily annoyed by the little things, and in general I try not to let them bother me. At the same time- it takes 2 seconds to click your invite. maybe 10 if things are loading slow. You can’t do that while we’re running back from some wipe or another during raid? really?

Ahem, on to fewer rants about silly things.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Our raid on Friday went surprisingly well. Shamans took a few pulls, as usual. Our hunter was mildly pissed that they reset at 0.4% while he was at full health and had them dead, but we got them shortly after that. Nazgrim and Malkorok were one-shots, woot. I did have some concerns with the dispelling on Malk, but we managed. Spoils took 2 attempts, and we got it just barely a minute or two after quitting time. It was close- one tank went down in the second room, and we lost 2 DPS right after that, but we finished our room and hopped sides super quick and managed to get it in just under the wire.

On Spoils, I tried to set up groups appropriately. I didn’t think about it, but our hunter is usually on my side with our main tank, and I put him with the other tank this time. So he called out a few things in the other room, a comment or two to that tank, and she snapped at him. Vehemently enough that a few people commented on it to the GM, who was also in the raid. She has told us she plans a talk with her, and warned us of the possibility of that tank getting really pissed and quitting the raid and taking her healer husband with her. I am awaiting the results of that discussion, but am prepared for that out come. 

Since I am “in charge” of the raid this week too (pending our MT’s real life stuff- I think he’s busy this week) I need to make a few raid announcements. We had 2 different people at least 15 minutes late, one for each raid last week. Worked out the first one cause I was searching for a DPS, but I don’t like it. We stood in front of the boss for 15 minutes- more than enough time to kill it- waiting on someone who gave no notice about being late. That really bugs me. I completely understand life happens and occasional tardiness can’t be avoided. But this is an every week thing. So I have to remind people that 9 other people are waiting on them, If you need to be late, that’s fine- please try to let us know so we can plan accordingly, delay start a few minutes and give people time to do other things. The other thing is marking attendance on the calendar invite. We regularly have 3-4 people not accept. I’m going to start telling people if they don’t reply to that invite in some fashion, I’m assuming it’s a decline and replacing them. And if I replace you and you show up- too bad. That one might be tough to avoid, but I know a handful of guildies who can raid and want to raid to fill in if necessary.

In other news, my GM won Smoldering Egg of Millzagor off Ragnaros, grats! I tied her roll, but she won. But I’ll be going to Firelands several more times, so here’s hoping for more. 

Our flex had really poor attendance again this week. At the start we had 5 guildies, and at the end 7. It is currently undergoing some changes. Right now, it is scheduled for 8PM on Sat instead of 3PM. There is a note to contact me if you are still interested in attending flex, which puts us right at 4 replies. I told our GM I wanted at least 12 people interested to continue it, because I don’t want to pug a bunch of folks every week. 2, sure. 5? Not really. 

I do feel bad for the people who are new to the guild, or recently hit 90, or just returned to the game, and really do want to do flex and gear up. They are few in number but really excited. I would feel a bit bad about stopping for them, but that would give me an evening to schedule other things. And an afternoon to nap… Yeah, the internet and poor self-control keep me up later than necessary.

My horde druid hit 90. I took a tour of the Pandarian treasures to get some gold and finally bought glyphs and trained alchemy recipes. Next up, collecting some mats to sell to buy the gems/enchants I will eventually need. I am not entirely sure how I feel about that guild yet. They are more talkative than my alliance guild. They’re going for server first Garrosh, and that occupies a lot of the discussion. They also have a bit more of a crude sense of humor than I am used to playing WoW. Which is whatever, I just have to get used to it. I’ll get my little druid all set up and decide what to do with her. 

In class news, we have a test Tuesday on Public Health and the last of food safety. 

…I worry that it’s bad that I am already mentally composing a request for another tank and healer for our raid. The tank my GL is going too have a discussion with is one who really frustrates our raid leader. The healer husband is the one who really frustrates me. They’re nice people, and fun to play with. I just don’t enjoy raiding with people who consistently show up late and feel like they don’t care.  Mostly this came up because if that does happen, my plan is to ask in raid: hey, looks like we need a new (whatever). Before I start looking outside this group to fill that spot, does anyone here want to switch rolls?

My RL and I have discussed similar things before. Who could tank, who could heal, etc. There are a few people with tanks, who would be awesome tanks, but are currently really awesome DPS and we’d hate to lose that. Heals we have covered- we have a healer going DPS for Garrosh, he could just go back to heals and we can 2-heal everything. If we did it on Malk, we can do it on everything else. Most of the fights I have hime 3 heal  “for safety” are ones where one healer may be out of commission for a little bit (like kiting fire on Seigecrafter) and I don’t worry about him handling it alone.

BUT- I am getting ahead of myself. I will ask my GL if she has had this discussion, or when she plans to have it, so I can respond appropriately.

Half of this post will probably be deleted in editing, so here I go rambling about things.  I’m not going into great detail with the patch notes, You can do that yourself (and possibly have) so why do you need my take on it? I’ll tell you this: I am nervous about healing because I never healed in Cata. I was super shy then, and only ran dungeons with my brother (heals) and his girlfriend (tank) so I just pawed all the things. I healed in Wrath, and I heal now. Those are the styles I am familiar with. So I’m a bit nervous about change. However, I am confident that I can and will adjust. It might take me some time, and I still feel like a fail healer some days because I don’t have the proven healer title and a lot of people say resto druids are a cakewalk for proving grounds. That’s a personal goal of mine- get that achievement. I have my druid’s CM set, but I might need to regem for some spirit.

I keep wondering about heals for our raid. we have 2 resto druids. In my ideal world, we drop the other one and it’s me and a shaman. We lose a tank, someone swaps to tank. Right now we have a 12-person raid roster. If we lose our tank and healer, the first thing we need to do is have a discussion with our 3 “alts” cause as far as I know, we haven’t designated any of them mains. 

Good news everyone! I looked at my belt and realized the current hole was about to tear and break the belt. However, I could tighten a hole! I feel like i’m losing weight even though I don’t feel like I look like it. Except yesterday- I was wearing lazy clothes and actually felt I looked pretty good.

And now back to boredom and planning for the FUTURE. Today: go home, nap. Check online to see if my GM is on to ask about the tank talk. Study VPH, look at review.  Then, can go online and do something. What, I know not. maybe just be AFK while reading for fun, to be available for other stuffs. Think about moving flex back to Mon nights…. I don’t wanna. Or asking the guild leader for the other group I raid with if he’d want to offer our flex to his guild, since we don’t have enough. However, there are contact issues. Enh, oh well. We’ll see how it goes on Sat at 8 pm this week, and re-evaluate.

Next up= go. It’s nice when we have good teachers. I like this one. On emergency medicine triage. I like emergency, I’ve thought about going into it.