Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer's Done

It’s been a while since I have posted. I’ve been busy, putting the time to use. Not, perhaps, the best use, but doing things a least.

For the first time since, ohh, probably 2010 I am completely unpacked. Might be a year or two longer. No storage shed, no boxes at my mom’s (except a few dishes, but I am not counting those) nothing anywhere. And I have discovered missing books. And duplicate books. I mean, I like Good Omens, but I probably don’t need 3 copies. 

In WoW, I’m very busy right now. My guild is doing 25 mans two nights a week, open to anyone who shows up pretty much. The other night we had 34 people who wanted to raid, so I broke off into a 10 man. Took us a while to get that last spot, but we did 8 bosses in two and a half hours, with quite a few breaks trying to grab that 10th person. Not too bad, I think. I did admit, I think I snagged one of the good tanks, even if he hadn’t tanked normal before. I had fun.

On the challenge mode front, 2 more left with my monk, and I have started some on my mage. Knocked 1 out, and I actually looked like I knew what I was doing. There was talk of trying for some realm best times, maybe. I hope so, it sounds like a ton of fun. I told my fried horde-side about it, since he’s actually got 7 of the realm best times, and is working on the last two. He is looking forward to the competition. And I was present with an offer to do CM carries if I managed to get an ele shaman together horde side. I’m working on leveling one. My friend and a couple of XP boost potions carried me to 79 really quickly, but I have run out of potions. I’ve managed to make it to 88, but classes have started back up so my leveling time has dropped. One and a half levels, hopefully by the end of Tuesday I’ll be set. Then on to farming gear, but I can run LFRs and study at the same time easier than I can level and study.

In other news, I am happy to say I can heal CMs with my monk. I know that’s an odd thing to say 7/9, but we’ve really been struggling with this group. I was really worried it was me, because the tank was just dropping left and right. Having healed another tank, the difference was amazing. There were still time he was taking lots of damage and I had to spam some heals his way, but he was so much easier to heal.  Pulls that had wiped us in the other group were simple. Our issues came from low DPS and repeated interruptions. I think we’ll be fine next week when our usual group is all together and I can get back on my mage. Our healer forgot we had CMs scheduled and was at work, so I swapped to heals and snagged a completely unprepared toon from an experienced friend and we muddled through quite well. To be honest, I liked the chance to heal on my monk. I really was worried that our struggles in that group were my healing issues, but nope, it’s bigger than just me. Not saying I don’t contribute to it, but replacing me won’t fix everything.

And I will get to tank normals on my monk next week! Admittedly I mentioned it to my RL because I really liked tanking and I feel one of our tanks is having issues. Didn’t work out quite as I planned, it’s me and the tank I’ve been feeling iffy about. But yay! I loved the chance I had to tank, it was fun. Here’s hoping I don’t screw it up and wipe the raid on accident. And I suppose I shouldn’t try to wipe them on purpose, probably too easy as a tank to just face things the wrong way and kill people. 

And back to vet school quotes: “What do you think you’re going to learn in this class?” “How to get a girl pregnant.” “Well, female, sure how to impregnate a female of one of our domestic species.”

“They keep telling me do’t touch the students, well I can’t help it.”

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eventful Week

Warning: this might ramble and be full of complaints and whining. 

It’s been an interesting week. The easy one- my raid group formed up with the others in that guild for a 25, and will be moving from Tues/Thurs to Mon/Wed. We didn’t down Immerseus on heroic, but we were making good progress.

And the more involved news: on Monday, I had a meeting with the guild leader of my guild and 2 other officers. Not the two who were promoted at the same time I was, but 2 who were part of the founding group. One of them didn’t show up, which was very minor in the whole thing, but a bit of a “hmph, really, I’m not worth the effort to show up to demote me?” and yea, that meeting was about demoting me. I had guessed but not really believed, but the other 2 officers weren’t on the invite, and didn’t have similar meetings coming up. I had done a flex achievement run on the Wednesday before, and used the guild’s vent. One of my friends mentioned the guild leader was a little annoyed at that and saying I was exhibiting manners unbecoming an officer of the guild. I’m going to rant and respond to her complaints here, to hopefully quiet the voices in my head. In the meeting I said nothing. I learned during the many meetings about the raid group before I decided to quit that if the GM didn’t want to try to see things my way, there was no point in even talking to her about it. So I whispered the GM of the guild I raided with and asked if I could join and /gquit all my toons and moved them. 

So why was I being demoted? Apparently I was exhibiting behaviors unbecoming an officer and she was worried about the image of the guild I was presenting to any new guildies I might bring in. What did I do? I quit the raid group when 2 other members (the other officers, one of which was the raid leader) had to drop out due to time constraints. I had originally said I would stay til there was a garrosh kill, but they were going to have to start over with a few weeks of gearing up these guys, and replacing 3 seemed as easy (or easier) than replacing 2 then 1 weeks later, to me at least. I had told them weeks ago that I was going to leave after Garrosh, and about potential replacements, they knew it was coming. But it upset her that I didn’t stay and help with the transition when the other 2 had to leave. If they had asked me to stay for a week and help, I would have. They didn’t. But would you really want someone in your raid group who doesn’t want to be there? I’ll admit, I felt bad we hadn’t killed Garrosh, but I had already stayed almost 2 months after I told them I would be there til Garrosh. I had not expected it to take that long, truthfully, and didn’t want to raid with them another couple of months to gear up the new people. But if they had asked me to stay a week or two and help with the transition, I would have.

Her other big issue was all those talks about the raid group and the document I wanted outlining what we, as raid assistants, could do. I wanted something in writing to answer any questions I had and refer to for future situations, and clear up the raiding policy to me. I enjoyed playing with that raid, and really wanted to work on the issues I saw to help things work out and get us a kill. I knew no one was going to be kicked from that group, which was fine, I do like everyone there, but I wanted to know what I could do to help people improve. The answer turned out to be nothing at all, so I gave up. I realized how I want to raid and how she wanted the guild’s raids to go were not ever going to be compatible. That’s when I said I’d leave after a Garrosh kill. A good month or more before I actually left the group. Apparently she thought the whole time I knew and understood the policy and just didn’t like it and was arguing to change it. To sum it up: friendly, low stress raiding with people only required to be competent at their class (and have DBM or big whigs and use vent).  I wanted to know how you defined competent, because to me a druid healer not using lifebloom… At all, some fights. Not knowing what it was when I said “hey, I see you aren’t using lifebloom, it would help, it was 13% of my healing that attempt” seems to be not basically competent. He really said “What’s Lifebloom?” And took 5 minutes to find it in his spellbook. (As it turns out, he had it bound to something and was forgetting to use it) Not knowing what some obscure, less-used in PvE stuff, like that thing that roots enemies that attack you, sure. But one of the basic spells of your class? Doesn’t scream competence to me. But again, I knew no one was about to get kicked from that group, so I wanted to know what I could do to work to help  other raiders improve. Did not come across that way to her, apparently. She seems to think I was just trying to bully my way into changing their policy because I didn’t like it and wasting her time. What I wanted was some clarity, and to know my limits as a raid assistant.

And the thing that seemed to be the straw that broke the came’s back: my flex achievement run (I got glory of the orgrimmar raider, btw, yay!). I did it Wed, at 7, hoping I could ask a few people if they were interested in coming, to knock out part 3 before the guild’s raid at 8:30. I decided to run it Monday night, and didn’t see anyone on Tuesday or Wednesday to ask them. I asked a few guildies, but not a lot. I wanted a fast, easy achievement run with people who wanted achievements on their mains, not flex gear for alts, so I didn’t just announce to the guild and see who could come. I used the vent. Which, it was pointed out to me later, when we were made officers we were told it’s a 50 person vent and to use it at our discretion. Of course, I was reminded that after the meeting. In the meeting, I was scolded for not asking for permission. Of course, when would I have asked? I didn’t see any of the higher-ups on, since they pretty much only get on to raid and maybe 20 mins during the day for daily CDs. Maybe. I didn’t think using the vent would be an issue, but apparently it was.

What bugs me the most is that none of this was mentioned to me before that night. Not one word during the flex asking “hey, whatcha doing?” or when I left the raid saying “hey, could you stay a bit and help?” or during the meetings months ago about the raid to say “hey, do you get this and you just don’t like it or what?” Not one word. And that’s what got me.  I just don’t want to deal with someone who wanted me to be an officer, then didn’t have the grace to discuss things with me, or the ability to even understand my concerns. If she really thought I was pushing for so many raid discussions because I didn’t like the policy, she didn’t know me at all. And I learned during that episode that she wouldn’t even try to see other points of view. So I left. I didn’t want to be in a guild where the guild master thought I was good enough to be an officer, but if I did the slightest thing she didn’t agree with just logged it for a future complaint rather than talk to me and sort it out. 

Chances are, if I’d never been an officer, that wouldn’t’ve been an issue. I wouldn’t care about not being involved in things if I didn’t feel I was supposed to work for the good of the guild. I was always myself, no mater what my rank. I tried to help guildies with what I could. But as a member, I wouldn’t expect her to discuss issues with me like I thought, as an officer, I should at least be informed so I can answer the questions people asked me. Of course, if I’d never been an officer, I would have probably slowly moved my toons to the guild they are currently in, as I raided with them, and got to know them better.

It just hurt. I’d been in that guild for over a year and a half, raided with them all this expansion, ran flexes, helped people. I liked them. But I didn’t like how I was treated. I’m ok with not being consulted on every little thing, but promoting someone to officer (even if they had been one before) I feel a polite word about their re-instatment would have been nice. Or a response to my comment when I said I felt hurt she hadn’t said anything to us. Even a “I don’t have to say anything to you, it’s my guild” would have been better than nothing, I think.  Then there’s btag. I get the feeling maybe she hasn’t really liked me for a long time. I had her on btag for about 10 minutes, to help transfer some gold across factions, then she removed me and that was it. Never added me again, even though I asked once so I could catch her while I was horde side to discuss raid issues before I just gave up on that, and knowing she had the other officers. Which was a minor hurt, but still I felt a bit of a slight.

And that’s what mostly happened this week, on the WoW front. I have been ranting about it in my head, since all I said during that meeting (paraphrased) was I think it’s best we part ways, see ya around and good wishes. I didn’t see a point in responding at the time. I wish now I had at least mentioned that if she was going to promote new officers again she should try to be more open on communication or make it clear to them that their only duty was to invite people when the higher ups were not on, which seems to be about all she really wanted us for. Not to help with anything, because any events she planned without us, and decisions were made without us, and any discussions that we might have wanted input for on were done without us. If that had been made clear at the start, things would have gone differently.

Well, of course, if different things had happened, things would have been different.

But a good thing did come of this: I love my new guild, so far. I know a good number of them from raiding, and they are so much more active. They have been very kind to me. I offered to tell the guild master what went down, if he wanted to know. He is also my raid leader, so he  as known me for a while, and knew I was an officer over there and had never had any intention of leaving. I am an incredibly curious and nosy person, though I try hard to curb that. He kindly said if I thought they might cause problems, I could tell him, otherwise he didn’t need to know. He didn’t want the drama. And I appreciate it. 

And my poor friends, who had to listen to me go over this a few times, thank you. You guys are awesome, and it made me feel so much better to know I had people on my side who didn’t see the things I’d done as being egregious errors in judgement. 

That whole episode really, really upset me. I kinda knew it was coming, and I still was very hurt. So having my new GM immediately invite me and promote me to officer was a huge boost in confidence, as was having all my friends listen to me and comfort me. I think this will upset me for a while, but I will try to take it as a lesson learned and quit dwelling.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Step Back

It’s been a while. I’ve started working again. Only 3 days a week, but 7-6 usually and on my feet all day, which leaves me a bit tired. I’m not used to being up and active for that long at a time, but it is nice to keep busy.

My dog is stable, I’d say, but not improving. I need to make some decisions soon. Lymphoma is the diagnosis. She still has a mass to remove, and maybe chemo. I’m not sure of cost, and I don’t think I can afford it. I need to talk to her doctor a bit more about it.

In WoW, I finally quit my guild’s Wed/Fri raid. I had originally said I would stay til Garrosh was dead, but 2 of the people who were a big part of the reason I was staying, with views similar to mine, were leaving due to work issues. It was weird not having a raid last night, but good. I was wiped from work and got to go to bed early. I had listed potential fill-ins, and the person who was going to take over had been organizing an alt raid and had that list of names to work with. I am glad that some of the people who were really eager to raid have a chance now.

We originally had a roster of 13 but rarely did all of them show up, and when they did the 3 listed as alternates stepped back. We only did 1 night rotating people in and out. I really liked it, but I get the idea some of the other really didn’t, so we never did that again. It was simply “these 10 are the core, these 3 are the back-ups, they come only if we need room.” Which turned out to be quite often as slowly we lost 3 from the core 10. And now they’ve lost 3 more, but have managed to fill in and get going.

Looks like they cleared the first 6. I was really tempted to be nosy and ask friends how things were going, just because it was so weird to be on but not raiding. I am tempted to try to find some heroic groups to run with, but I think I will wait til I am back at school, if I have the free time. My boyfriend and I will enjoy spending the time together until then.

This was a sad thing for me. I haven’t been playing that long, compared to others. I started in Wrath and stopped before ICC came out due to real life drama. When I came back in Cata I didn’t raid, just fiddled around a bit for fun. So this is the first raid group I’ve been a part of, and really involved in, for so long. At the start, I was just happy to raid. And I probably made some assumptions about my raiders. I told someone once I tend to assume everyone is like me and go from how I want to be (though I was told that was a bit egotistical. Doesn’t seem so to me) though that was about asking people who were AFK after a break and ready check if they were there in vent. But I assume the same for raids: you come prepared.

That means flask, food or knowing someone will be providing feasts, and knowledge of the fight. I don’t even list how to play your class because that should be so basic it doesn’t need saying. I was very wrong about that. 

That raid was a learning experience for me, and I suppose I needed to see that I have some sort of standards for raiding. It certainly makes me think a bit about what I will need to know before I join future raiding groups, and should I ever raid lead I have a clear list of things I expect as a minimum and knowledge of what help I am capable of providing and where to go to help those I can’t. So yay, lessons.

Anyway, time for another long day of work.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Been Busy

Lots and lots going on lately. Have been meaning to write regularly, if only to clear my mind.

Well, first:  Lina had her surgery, and there turned out to be more than expected. The mass seen on ultrasound was removed, but there was another deeper mass, approximately 8 cm, and based on its location and the vessels, it was decided to leave it for a surgeon. She didn’t feel comfortable removing it, or even aspirating for a sample. She did remove the mass we expected, plus another, and took biopsy samples. That was Thursday. Lina didn’t start eating til Sunday night, but she’ll only eat a few bites of chicken then stop. At least she’s eating. I would like to let her recover before removing the other mass, and I want to know the results from the sample sent in. Hopefully I’ll hear back in a day or two.

I’ve been paying for all this, and I plan to pay to have part of a fence put up in my parents yard so our other two dogs never learn they can jump out. It’s been expensive, and I’m worried about the cost of another surgery. My other dogs are old, so I know insuring them would be pricey (I looked when I started vet school) but any new puppies I get, I will have to look into insurance. If they’d pay even half this bill, it would have ben worth it. Hindsight, huh? Well, realistically- 3 large dogs, each were what, $40 or so a month for the two years I’ve been in school (assuming I had gotten coverage then, which I didn’t because of the price), would have been the cost of the surgery. Though ideally my dogs would be happy and healthy and not need expensive things, Lina apparently decided she was a vet student’s dog, so she had to have something wrong.

So after her surgery on Thursday, my little brother graduated high school on Friday. Where I got a lecture from my dad about proper ways to tell people you are engaged (hint- it wasn’t facebook). I do feel awful for not telling my grandparents sooner, it just honestly didn’t occur to me they wouldn’t know.  I told my mom (because she had know before hand he was going to ask) and she spread the word, and it was put on facebook. In Grenada, I only have e-mail and a cheap local phone. It honestly didn’t occur to me to send out an e-mail. Possibly because my cousins never did… heck, I only recently learned one of them had gotten married. But that’s no excuse for me.

And that weekend was full of drama. My dad, without talking to my mom or brothers, decided to have a graduation party for my younger brother, to be held at my older brother’s house. Not the ideal location. It is large, but not well kept. 6 kids live there, though not all full time, and it is well lived in. So we moved it to my moms, which upset my older brother. This was all handled poorly and at the last minute. Then there was some kerfuffle with the grill, and arguments with my mom, my dad, and my brother. Then me and my brother. Fun times. But party done, we just finished of the last of the cake and currently have a bunch of leftovers. The sangria was great, I loved it. Which is odd, since usually anything with even the slightest hint of alcohol in it I have trouble drinking. 

And then on the WoW front- we had that lesson in accepting invites, and on Friday started fresh since people were getting tired of wiping on Garrosh. Saturday evening was flex, which went well. Matty got the shaman transmog set I am trying to get, so grats! My shaman is jealous. 

Monday, my computer was in the shop for, as it turns out, a problem they couldn’t find. I got WoW running on my mother’s laptop (she says she may try to play, so it’s there if she does) and jumped on, prepared to kill Garrosh quickly and do CM. Neither of which happened, but I was there! Raiding without any add-ons at all was odd. Very quiet without DBM shouting at me, and GTFO making noise. 

I got my laptop back in time for Tuesday’s raid. We started at heroic Imm again, but were missing too many regulars to make a good go of it, so did an alt run. My druid got to come out and play.

Oh! My horde druid got her cloak. Only took 3 tries in the 4th wing of ToT LFR to get it complete- stupid server restarts <grumble> but cloak she has, and ilevel 545, enough to get into some decent pugs if I am bored.

And this next week looks to be interesting. We have an officer’s meeting on Sunday. No clue what it’s about, our GM didn’t answer the other officer when he asked. I’m still a little sad she never said anything to me about the promotion of the other officer- re-promoted. He stepped down, and was promoted back. Not that I’d object or anything, but I felt it would have been polite to say “hey, he’s back” or something.  I feel like we three were promoted as officers solely to be able to invite people since the original officer core isn’t on much. We can’t make decisions about things we run as guild events, even if supposedly in charge of, we aren’t talked to about things until we push because something small has blown up into a huge issue. I still like the people in that guild, I am just occasionally disappointed when I think about how things have been handled recently.

We have a raid meeting next Wednesday. No clue why, not even sure if the raid leader knows about it. I haven’t had much of a chance to chat with him. I’m curious to know what these meetings are about. I’ve decided to tell the other tank I am leaving after Garrosh. She’s cool, and fun to play with. She was someone I had issues with raiding because she was missing some pretty major class mechanics, but if you talk to her she is willing to try and learn which is really all I want from raiders. Not perfection, but willingness to try to improve.

Anyways, that is a lot of drama. I like to think of myself as a dram-free person surrounded by soap operas, but I did contribute to it a little this weekend. My brother was the last person I got in a screaming row with, and I guess I am still mad at him for a few things. I don’t have the energy to be constantly mad though, which is why I ended up stuck babysitting his 6 kids today. Not worth it to say no. But I was tryng to stop writing.

Well, I’ll end with the hope that I get lab results back for my dog soon and she starts eating regularly again.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Lesson in Accepting Invites

Well, I did not accomplish any unpacking goals today, but it was a busy day nonetheless. Started the day very relaxed with pedicures with my Mom, then ended up driving around with my younger brother since he had to do a favor for my grandmother, and she’s tough to deal with alone sometimes. By the time that was done, it was late afternoon and I was really tired. 

Scheduled the surgery for my dog, tomorrow morning. We managed to get her to eat some food- just had to make her think it came from the treat box. She’s a good, sweet dog, but not the brightest. Hopefully I can get a fecal from her tomorrow morning, and I hope the surgery goes well. And hopefully that is the issue and she feels better once its all done. 

So new plan for tomorrow is put up shelves and finish unpacking the boxes of my stuff in the garage, followed by powerwashing the deck.

Raid tonight was canceled for a few reasons. Only 5 people had responded to their raid invites, and 2 of those 5 were feeling a little crappy and tired of Garrosh, so today turned into a lesson on accepting calendar invites. Whoo. That is something that bugs me so much- it takes 2 seconds to accept, I put them up usually during the first raid of the week, so for those who only log on to raid, it’s there when you are on during raids. And people still don’t accept. I am not expecting much of an effect, truthfully.

But anyway, hopefully we’ll kill him Friday and be done. There was talk of a fresh run, cause people are getting tired of Garrosh. I am hoping we just kill him. I want it done. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Close Sorta Counts

Ok, so I didn’t quite obey the spirit of my plan to unpack everything in my room, even if I did follow the letter. Got everything but one box that I moved to the study last week so it would be out of the way when the movers put the furniture in. So it technically wasn’t in my room. I would have unpacked it, but I didn’t start til after raid ended at 10, by which point my parents were asleep. And to unpack that box, I need to put up shelves to put but I didn’t want to be hammering that late.

We did heroic Norushen tonight, and made good progress on Immerseus. We had some people coming and going, which made it tough. I got my boots from him, yay, making my monk 570 and officially my best geared toon. 

For my Wed/Fri raid, I believe the plan is more work on Garrosh. Hopefully we down him. We certainly have the DPS for it, it’s just a matter of people doing what they are supposed to in a timely manner. By now everyone should know what that is. A fresh start, after Friday off, hopefully did folks good and we can knock him out fast. 

My rogue got her cloak, and my horde druid ended the week 2 runestones short, so next week I can get her stuff knocked out and be done with LFR. I don’t know what I want to do with her- maybe gear up, PUG some normals. Why not? I don’t know, I’m not sure why I went and got her the cloak.Or rather, will get her it for her next week.

Heard back from the vet, looks like the aspirate of the mass showed necrotic cells and some inflammatory cells, but no bacteria. She is recommending an exploratory to take it out, with some intestinal biopsies to be thorough. My dog still won’t eat her food, but she’ll eat treats. Tomorrow I might buy another kind of food to try for her, see if maybe she just associates this food with feeling bad or something and won’t eat it. I might be personifying here, not sure how much of an issue that is in dogs like it can be with people. 

Also, I got my shado-pan geyser, finally. Way back in that ToT PUG was someone who was good at jumping, had a mammoth, and had a friend who also needed the gun and he kindly jumped me around too. Here’s a pic of me turning Moth blue with it.

Also, because I am going through my screenshots, here’s a pic of my Tues/Thurs raid’s first “official” Garrosh kill. We’d all killed him before, but on different toons and stacking the odds in our favor somewhat. This was the first kill on our normal raiding toons. I had my watergun out, turning people blue :)

Here’s a pic of when Navi stopped by. That’s the challenge mode transmog, with the staff it took forever to get from Ulduar. It doesn’t quite match, but I love it too much to change it.

And here’s a picture of me on a giant yak, just cause.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Quiet Weekend

I’m going to try to get back in the groove of writing more regularly. I didn’t mention it earlier, but Navi stopped by a while ago. I was excited to get a chance to catch up, though she popped on in the middle of arenas. My friends were nice enough to give me some time to go catch up with her (as I keep being told, 100K will forgive all) so we got a brief chance to chat.  Not quite long enough, I felt bad keeping them waiting.

Someday I’ll have to put together an IOU for them. They know there’s no chance of my ever paying up, but I think they’ll get a kick out of it. 

I had a chance to join Matty for an OLRG run through ICC. Only 3 of us but we rocked out heroic ICC in the hour I had before flex. Missed 2 achievements, but Full House is easy, and it’s tough to do the one for the meta from the LK on heroic. More chances to die.

We did flex 1 and 2 last night, and I have definitive proof the shamans transmog set drops in flex. Unfortunately it wasn’t for me. :( But oh well, now I know you only get 1 chance per week no matter which difficulty, so I can quit trying for multiple difficulties. We had 23 (!) people, the most we’ve ever had. A big thanks to my Sacred friends who came and tanked and then swapped to better geared toons at the first sign of trouble.

I really need to get somethings going to finish out my achievements. I still need HoF normal achievements and heroic kills, and same for ToES. If I can find an heroic ToT PUG and knock that out, I might try to get a guild group going for the regular achievements. I’m not too sure, apparently last time they were there they had a lot more struggles than I would have expected. But now we have more people with better gear who are also becoming trained to listen to me, we might fare a bit better. And since I’ve been extending my heroic lockout from a few weeks ago, at twins, and one of my RLs has been itching to get to it, I might get lucky and run just the last 3 instead of the whole of ToT again.

This weekend was pretty quiet. I got a bit of motivation, and at least all my clothes are unpacked. Next up: get another bookshelf so I can unpack the rest of my things. I thought I had all my books, but as I was putting them away I kept discovering books missing. Tomorrow’s goal is to at least get the shelves up and the boxes in my room unpacked. I’ll leave the ones I found in the garage til Wednesday. You heard it, I am getting all my stuff done on Wednesday. 

No challenge modes this week, and I was trying this thing where I don’t bug people to do things with me because I am bored. So instead I spent some time in proving grounds. Managed to get you’re doing it wrong with the monk, fistweaving for the DPS ones. I made it to wave 28 on the druid, then screwed up my typhoon direction and lost it. That was my best attempt. The plan is to go back to it one morning next week, but since tomorrow is Tuesday I am going to try to knock out LFR first thing for the rogue and get her last runestone. Hopefully I can find some flexes for the druid easily, then knock out ToT in LFRs. She’s 6 runestones away. 

So to sum up: -finish runestones for rogue, try to finish them for horde druid, and unpack all the things currently in my room.

I also have a normal raid tomorrow, where I think the plan is heroic Immerseus, and if we get him, then Protectors and Norushen. Our Wednesday raid will continue on Garrosh, so here’s hoping we get him down and I have Friday free and can talk my arena buddies into some PvP then.