Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Horridon Down

So right after my last post, we downed Horridon. Wasn't even on the last pull like normal, we had an hour to go poke at the council. Which is where we are stuck now, the sand adds love to chew up the squishy healer.

In other news, I am a minimum of 2 weeks from finishing my epic cloak on Renala, and maybe 2 weeks if I get lucky on Elaylda. I was hoping to get it today, but the runestones were't dropping for me.

Pet leveling is going right along, got my Anubiseth Idol to 25. He makes so many fights easier, it's ridiculous. Big spell about to kill me? I think now. Peck away at me with little damage? Nope. Course, it can take forever to kill them, but I can swap in low level pets easily with no fear of them dying.

In other news, second raid group made it through Garalon last night. Since I have healers to spare, I offered one up. But i didn't like heart of fear much, so I hope they finish it soon.  On to pet leveling, back another day.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Stuck Waiting

I am stuck on hold trying to change my ticket home in December. So far, it's 20 minutes and counting. Don'tcha just love automated hold music? Makes me wish I had just bought through American Airlines like I normally do. Oh well, hopefully the flight on Caribbean Air will be fine. (fingers crossed no lost luggage) 

Stuck on Horridon in raid. It is frustrating to be stuck and seemingly making no progress. But I am hopeful we will get it tonight. I really really want the pets that drop, so we'll see if we get lucky. In other news, I am down to only needing to run 8 LFR's a week (well, I only care about 3 toons, who only need 2, 2, and 4 LFRs) so I can get 2 toons knocked out on Tuesday with the good groups, and the priest done on Wednesday. Yay! Got the raiding with leashes part 2 achievement (I cheated and bought 1 pet off the AH, but it was a great deal. 900G for the stupid bird...)

The DK is decently geared, and now the BF and I can take on the warbringers ourselves. Mount hunting, here we come! G'nathus will happen eventually, we'll see how that one goes. 

Had a nice holiday yesterday, and a great morning at work today. I ended up being all by my self, which turned out just fine. Slow morning (but the afternoon was packed, so I was glad to book it out of there) I start shadowing at the emergency vet next week. I hope it goes well, we will have to see. I might have to study up a bit to not sound like an idiot.

Finally got through to customer service, I will be coming home on December 11th now not the 14th. Not a big change, but I like to get home quickly. And the 14th would have been 4 days of nothing but the beach. Now I have a final, a relaxing day to pack, and I am out of there, hopefully halfway through my time on the island. I do love Grenada, but I get a little homesick. Plus I will have more time to shop for Christmas presents and take a break before I go to work. Holidays are busy times for boarding kennels, so they will be happy to have me back there. Total time on phone to change the flight: 44 min. TIme I talked to a real person: way less than 5 min.