Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Horridon Down

So right after my last post, we downed Horridon. Wasn't even on the last pull like normal, we had an hour to go poke at the council. Which is where we are stuck now, the sand adds love to chew up the squishy healer.

In other news, I am a minimum of 2 weeks from finishing my epic cloak on Renala, and maybe 2 weeks if I get lucky on Elaylda. I was hoping to get it today, but the runestones were't dropping for me.

Pet leveling is going right along, got my Anubiseth Idol to 25. He makes so many fights easier, it's ridiculous. Big spell about to kill me? I think now. Peck away at me with little damage? Nope. Course, it can take forever to kill them, but I can swap in low level pets easily with no fear of them dying.

In other news, second raid group made it through Garalon last night. Since I have healers to spare, I offered one up. But i didn't like heart of fear much, so I hope they finish it soon.  On to pet leveling, back another day.

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