Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Waiting is the hardest part of an exam, especially these computer exams. Someone inevitable has a problem downloading, especially since we now have to download 45 min before the exam since someone on this campus managed to open their test before the exam. So we get there early, and wait. I hope I remember everything. So much information for this one test.

No news from NCSU, but I sent an e-mail yesterday asking about it, so here's hoping. I also sent my transcripts off to Virginia Tech, just in case, so I can start that process if needed.

Only 1 pet dropped from MC and BWL last night, but we got Jing the OS103D mount. I don't know if 2 90's can solo OS25, but we'l give it a shot next week. Then ask for help :)
I'm hoping to rope a few more people into doing an Uld 10 achievement run. 2 bosses left in the 25 one, we'll get em next Sunday. The plan for today is AQ40 then Naxx for pets, then seeing if that staff from my inscriptionist raises my level enough to give mistweaving a try. I enjoy windwalking a lot, so I hope mistweaving agrees with me,  would give the run a tad more diversity. Well, at least bring the number of druids to 2 from 3.

And still have 10 minutes to go til the exam starts.
I'm going to have to miss the raid on Friday, the plan is to pack and play magic since I fly out Saturday morning. Only a few more days here! And I still haven't gotten a tan. Maybe I can spend some of tomorrow on the beach. I need to look for some spices as gifts for a friend too.

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