Friday, December 28, 2012

No Need to Procrastinate

I started this blog to procrastinate, and most of my posts have come from that too. Since I am home for the winter break, with no tests to study for I don't have to procrastinate and posting has slowed down.

Heard back from NCSU and VMRCVM. No transfer for me, back to sunny Grenada I go in a few weeks. A little sad, but with this weather I am looking forward to 85 and sunny. I suppose I'll try again next semester.

I decided to work over break at my old job, which has been interesting. I might look for something that will get me more, new experience over the summer. Maybe with horses again.

Going well on WoW, got my monk into healing. Hard to tell how you're doing in LFR (especially when I think recount in messing up) and you don't know the quality of the healers you are with.  I might try to bring her along to the raid tonight instead of my druid, depending on who comes along. We've been just hitting enrage a few times, and maybe a bit of fistweaving (a small as the DPS is) might help. I'll leave it up to the raid leader. Last time we ran with a full spectrum of druids. It is a shame they changed battle rez, pretty sure with 4 we could've done much better. Ah, probably a good thing. Teaches us to pay better attention. Fire has always been drawn to me, and i just can't help but stand in it. I have gotten tons better at that.

I hope everyone had a nice break, and wish yo all a happy new year. Probably won't hear from me again til I'm back in Grenada. Or the Miami airport. I think they make my layovers so long to sucker me out of the $8 for the daily internet.

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  1. Dear DriP :)
    I can't find an email to mail you, or any clues to find you, so I will leave this little thank you note and tiny poem on this post :)

    Your med school days remind me of
    Fun I had long ago.
    And peppered amongst science tests
    Your thoughts on Warcraft flow.

    I thank you for the note you left
    When to my blog you came.
    And hope in life you'll brighten lives
    Much like you do in game.