Wednesday, January 9, 2013

LF Loot

LFR is so random sometimes. Someone complemented the healers in a group, and there was silence for a minute before someone asked if they were joking. Nice people don't happen often. More common is my group today, where the tank politely introduced himself and said it was his first time here, and the other tank tore into him the whole rest of the run. Very annoying (especially when he died once because he was typing a reply- which at least he admitted).  I don't tank, but to explain the fight enough to get through it usually takes about 30 seconds. Way less time than all these complaints did. I was already grumpy, because no one ever stays out of the purple circle under Garalon like they should, and like I make a point to politely say before each encounter with him. That was a tad rantier than I meant.

Out of all 5 LFR, I got 4 pieces of loot. 3 from 1, and 1 from the last one I did. Kinda annoying, but still 3 were clear improvements, including my second tier piece, and one was a sideways slide I took. Looks like I'll have to make myself a trinket, no drops in LFR. Ah, oh well, I half expected it anyway.

Today was, for all of that, a good day. Sure, we had a horrible run tonight. Took down 2 bosses in 2.5 hours in MSV when we had done way better last week. Feng was buggy, not moving when he shifted phases, and drawing flame as he was shifting messed us up. On the plus side, monk healing is coming along great I feel. I was doing LFR healing on my druid and was actually bored. Just healing wasn't intensive enough in those fights, but with the monk I can at least hit the boss and heal. Still learning a few tricks, things I prefer over out shaman/priest/monk whatever he is this week, but he's helpful to talk to.

We got rid of 5 42 gallon bags on clothes this week, things that had been in the storage shed for over 2 years now, clothes that no longer fit. And a bunch of trash. Feels nice. I finally realized that my parents are never going to get rid of the storage shed completely, even if only to keep my step-dad's harley in over winter. SO, I moved the many boxes of kitchen things from my old apartment out of my bedroom, moved a few bookshelves and boxes of my old stuff in, and will hopefully have a room I really have things in. I've been under the impression I was going to successfully transfer of get accepted into a state school, and have an apartment for 4 years I could fully unpack in, but that didn't happen. It is nice not to have those boxes, even if the space will still be occupied. Here's hoping that tomorrow I can do just as well (only better with the loot- those  3 from on instance were from yesterday).

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