Friday, January 25, 2013

Another Week

Another week, another raid, more classes. I feel like I am starting to get into a rut. I wouldn't mind, I just want to add some good things to it.
I feel we did really well, getting through 3 bosses with minimal mess. We had a new tank with us, so the boss raps took a bit more time, and we called it quits a tad early. But tonight we should be back on Elegon. I hope my transition from heals to DPS goes a tad smoother this time.

We attempted challenge modes again. They keep whooping us soundly. I run out of mana healing all the time. I'm hoping more practice will make things easier. There were 8 people interested in going last night, made me really sad I couldn't get everyone in. Especially our awesome priest healer, I really wanted to bring the monk along to DPS tonight. This looks to be turning into a weekly thing, maybe with a few more people interested, we can get 2 groups going and I won't feel so bad.

Classes are going swimmingly, but today I was mentally all over the place. Only got 4 hours of sleep the night before, and my attention span was almost zero. Long enough to catch these great quotes from pharmacology though!
To explain, our professor couldn't find any pictures showing drug distribution patterns in the body, but eh did find one showing them in Mexico, so that was in our powerpoint. Our professor also shaves his head. And we were talking about drug testing with hair.

So today's top quotes from class:
Ecstasy- the netherlands is quite well perfused
I just want to be sure if they try and find any drugs on me, they can't find any hairs. ... Beware of this. Grenada is an island where several things grow easily

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