Thursday, December 6, 2012

Final Time!

It's final time! 3 down, 4 to go. So far, so good. I love when Dr. P comes to do anatomy reviews. Even now, the week before the final we expect something entirely different than he gives.
So animal nutrition, radiology, and animal welfare and behavior are finished. Tomorrow is clinical orientation so tonight I get to learn cow, sheep, and camelid breeds. Horses I have down, and dogs and cats won't be on the exam probably because we are already very familiar with them.
Next week is the big 3- my two 5 credit hour courses and my 4 credit one, histo, anatomy and physio.
So much to learn, so much time I have wasted doing other stuff.

On a similar note, I got my Restless Shadeling and my awesome boyfriend bought me a Cinder Kitten. Now we're running old raids for the pets, and hopefully I can start on my quest to get Ashes of Al'ar. So far we've picked up two of the pets from AQ40 for him, and downed one quarter of Naxx before my internet gave out. Ahh, Grenada, you never fail to do something to screw up exam time. Internet down with no notice starting at 5 one day, then 10 the next? Well done. Like moving our exam without letting us know.

Should I be worried that there are 4 hours blocked off for this exam tomorrow? We only had about 20 total hours of class for this. Ok, maybe more, I made that number up from rough guessing.

I had rolled my monk with an eye to healing, but I am having a ton of fun windwalking. As a healer, i didn't pay attention to who was on top of the damage charts, so watching now is fun. At least while I'm up there knowing I have worse gear, minimal gemming and no enchants only on the few good items I have. I can't even do LFR yet with my level, but I can top charts against much better geared people. At least, before the patch. It's fun!

The PST thing is screwing me just from the pet. Staying up til 4 to get a pet was annoying, but I only have to do it once. I liked the fishing tournaments, I am glad they are coming back. That was the hardest part of the Salty achieve, making my self available to compete, and then actually winning one. That is the title I am most proud of. Second would be getting the Noble on my 35 mage and my rogue before achieves were account wide. Do you know how annoying it is to do some of that stuff at level 35? Ungoro Crater was not easy to hop through as a bunny. But it was fun.

So, to all the other students struggling with finals, good luck! I find out about my transfer on Monday, so here's hoping!

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