Saturday, December 8, 2012

So, Yeah

My lofty goals of studying for not 1, but 2 tests today went out the window. On the bright side, we finished all the old raids with pets in them. I hate dying in Blackrock Mountain, by the way. I always get so lost, and after figuring out where Blackwing Lairs entrance was, and then getting attuned, I was feeling pretty good. Until that death. Oh well. Nefarion bugged outta there before we could kill him, so we'll get him next time. We have to run them at least 2 more times, to get the pets for me and pick up the ones we missed for my boyfriend.
I should introduce him quickly- Jingpang, panda mage. Started playing when I got down here for school, so we can do something together. We plan to do BigBearButt's Ulduar run tomorrow. I love Ulduar, and Naxx. That was when I started to play, and Ulduar was where I fist started progression raiding. Our guild was very small, barely 10 people to raid. That's why we fell apart so easily when everyone went home for the summer and stopped playing. We were students at Virginia Tech, the core group of 5. It would be interesting to see where I would have gone if my ex hadn't demanded I quit. Yeah, not a smart relationship. Nice enough guy, but so many irreconcilable differences.

In a surprising turnabout, I read over the physiology notes for this test and they MADE SENSE the first time through. Perfectly. That hasn't happened before, they've either been sorta ok but all weird, or I had a eureka! moment and figured it all out, or they stayed confusing but I muddled through the test anyway. So it was a pleasant surprise to learn respiration today. I would like another eureka! moment, it was so nice, very exhilarating. All of a sudden, I knew what was happening in the heart! It was very cool, let's just say that.

In more good news, my monk hit level 460 today so we did out first LFR. Never topped the damage, but I was consistently about number 7 or 8. Pretty nice, and as I learn to pay better attention to a few things, that should smooth out. I am finding I really love monk DPS. It's much easier than my feral kitty, and just a tad more to pay attention to that my mage. Just right. I still intend to heal someday, if only because I want to raid with her and we always run short on healers and tanks, and because I hate long queues. I've thought about tanking just to eliminate queue times before, but I always balk at being in a position to take a ton of blame from strangers.
I suppose people blame healers too, but I am used to that role.

Elay made it to her first Mogushan Vaults run last night! A horrible failure in taking down the boss, a rousing success in learning the mechanics (on my part at least). And the discovery that I run out of mana very easily. Not exactly unknown to me. That's another reason to try monk, see how my mana/chi management game plays out.

In one week, I will be home, with wireless internet, TV, and a stove. As well as my boyfriend, dog, family, and job. And hopefully I will be on the hunt for a new car/apartment in NC! I will know in 2 days now, I can hardly wait! I have stopped excessively checking my e-mail cause no school officials work on weekends, at least not right now.

So I hope everyone has a good evening, I'm off to try to get to sleep before 4 am, good night!

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