Friday, November 30, 2012

Why Blizzard?

So, I have not heard from my grandmother, but I have confirmation she read the e-mail. Apparently, she doesn't want to reply because she is afraid it will "affect my exams" which makes me curious about what she has to say to me. Christmas this year will be interesting if she doesn't end up going to Hawaii.

Now, WTH Blizzard? Nerfing spawn rates is fine, but if it is really only by 50% then I am a gnome in truth and not just in game. (i'm short, but not that short) Spend 15 minutes flying around the Briny Much, and saw maybe 5 nodes, and only me gathering. COmpared to 5 stacks before in that time, I think that's more than 50%.
And Blingtron. The rewards are so awesome it is now per account, not per character? I do lie the dressed to kill buff. Looks cool. BUt I haven't even been able to get the quest, on any toon, this week.

Stuck in Miami. Back to looking for eggs for the cloud serpent rep.

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