Sunday, November 11, 2012


As far as my stated goals went:

 I am feeling much calmer about the test after the review session today. I still need to learn the names of the flexors and extensors of the tarsus and digits well enough that I can bring them to mind in a few seconds, but I feel prepared for the test Wednesday.

I did not get a DPS trinket for my kitty, but I did get the caster one at 11:30 last night, so i can give it to my boyfriend when his mage hits 90.

I ran a few more heroics. I kinda wish I could take it slow enough to know what is happening, but I have read guides and they appear simple enough to blow through knowing "don't stand in the fire." A little different than I am used to, I like a bit more knowledge to be necessary. Oh well, easy enough.
Did the LFR content this morning, that was also very easy. Once again, blowing through with only a moderate idea of what the mechanics were. Only one wipe that wasn't caused by someone stupidly pulling the boss, and a nice trinket! I love how the first thing I got was a cloak right after I bought the VP one...

I want to get into raiding. I enjoy trying out content while it is still relevant and working my way through week by week. There is a guild raid meeting this week, since out of the 3 weeks my guild has scheduled a raid, only once have they actually got a group together. I wasn't on when they started tonight to offer myself for the other healer spot, but there still would've been 5 people missing. Once again, I am glad I didn't raid when you needed to wait for 40 people. I fished all the coins out of the fountain in Dalaran waiting for people to show up for Ulduar and Naxx. Hopefully I can wrangle a spot on a team, but we have a lot of druids. It was kinda funny, the LFR had 5/6 healers as druids. Completly unrelated to our guild. But there are a lot of druids around.

My monk made it to 88, go Renala! My rogue made it into Kunlai from Halfhill, where she will probably sit and again maybe a quarter level a week. Just not motivated to play her, no matter how much I want to fly and mine. Plus the third time through the quests are starting to get a bit boring, fourth time through will probably not get better.

And after leveling from 1-85 with my boyfriend, I think my brain is screwy. I remember all sorts of random quests and where to go (except I forgot the hilarious "day that deathwing came" chain) but I can't remember which nerve innervates the flexors without doing some thinking? At least i can reason it out after a minute to pull pelvic limb nerves up.

Well, here's to a good next week for everyone, and good luck on my tests and good health to my grandfather. One more month and I'll be home.

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