Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Procrastination

It's been a while since I started this exercise in procrastination. A lot has happened.
Shortly after I started classes, my grandfather had a stroke. Since then, his health has been declining. He has become violent with my grandmother, and has rarely left the hospital. I believe he was home for a few hours, before going right back. A few days ago, I was told he had been having more strokes, that they had missed. My grandmother signed a DNR for him, should anything happen. 6 weeks to go until classes are done, and I have no idea if he can make it that long. I am trying to transfer to a college closer to home, but I am afraid it may be too late.

Additionally, I have started up one of my old addicting habits- I am playing World of Warcraft again.  A 90 druid and mage, and a monk and rogue sitting at 85 and 87. Soon, I will be able to be mostly self-sufficient, once I get my shammy to 85 and train blacksmithing. Except enchanting, I hate playing my death knight, it just doesn't click for me like my druid does.
The dailies have started to become routine, especially since I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with the Golden Lotus. 3 more days til exalted, then I am done with them.

Histology test on Monday. As you can tell, procrastination in full force, especially with my transfer application complete. Had some problems with the school losing the paperwork for one of my requests for that application. I love it down here, and I get along just fine with island time in everything but my school.  As either a celebration or consolation, I have plans for pizza and Magic: the Gathering on Monday night. The Return to Ravnica boxes I ordered finally came in! After only a month, not too shabby.

On to a weekend of histology, hopefully a few heroics so I can get into the swing of healing again and raise my gearscore to 460 for LFR. And endless hours of farming savage leather to get my leatherworker up to MoP skills. Ok, I am being dramatic. I will probably spend a bunch of gold on it and buy out the AH... again.

Alright, finally ending this. To a productive and minimally procrastinating weekend of studying! But first, dinner.

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