Friday, November 23, 2012


A day late, but still. Yesterday was American Thanksgiving, and I was home. After 6 hours on planes and 8 hours in Miami, I made it home.
As an aside, I fin it ridiculous that I had to pay for wireless in Miami, but in Grenada's teeny tiny airport there was free internet. Thank you, Lime.
I am glad I am here with my family, today and tomorrow are going to be tough.
I am thankful my boyfriend enjoys playing WoW with me. I am glad we have something to do together even when i am in school.

And onto WoW, I started my hunter, Renessa. So far so good, but with a horrible jerk of a tank in the Wailing Caverns run. I'll admit, it was annoying when the healer rolled need on the leather DPS gear that dropped, but we're all still leveling, so whatever. But the tank called him out on it, then demanded he give it to the monk. So I pointed out that the monk, me or my boyfriend's hunter all could have used it. Stupid tank thought we were supposed to wear mail at level 20. Which even if we were, we were level 17 at the time. We had 3 leather DPS drops in that run, and I did get 1. But that little interaction with the tank really bugged me.
I have fond memories of Wailing Caverns. My first hunter wore the leather boots that dropped there up past level 40, when I should have found mail boots. I thought the stats were better. That is one of my noob moments.

So to everyone, a happy belated thanksgiving and good luck anyone tackling black Friday sales.

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