Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bad Thing to Tell Vet Students

Did you know: you can buy a giraffe? There are website listing exotic animals. Zoos sell the extras from litters they don't need. All you need to do is get a license from the government, and buy the animal. That, is a Bad Thing to tell vet students. Not even an hour later there was a link online to the website. If I had the space and money to care for it, I'd totally be looking for a giraffe. But the idea anyone could get a large carnivore is a little scary to me.

I don't like people in general a whole lot. They're nice, sure, but when it comes to animals they are not very smart and animals are extremely important to me. Thus the four years of torture I am undertaking to become a veterinarian. People do stupid things just with dogs and cats. Do you know some people feed their pets a vegan diet? Cats are carnivores, and have specific dietary needs different from humans or dogs. A vegan cat is not a healthy cat, as far as I know. Maybe someone has figured out the prefect vegan cat diet, but I haven't seen it. So the thought of what people can do to dangerous animal worries me, because even a tame house cat or dog can do some serious injury under the worn circumstances, much less something that is supposed to kill and eat large mammals. Of course, those thoughts don't make me want to stay away from those animals. Just not own one.

On the WoW front, LFR is useful, but another example of people being awful. It's the tanks fault, it's the healers fault, everyone is undergeared, whatever excuse they could grab. We had today: a person who was part of the raid, answered ready checks, and hadn't left the Vale because they didn't want to to the first boss. 3 wipes later, I and one other person were apparently the only people to notice. I did whisper this person before initiating a kick, cause I don't like to kick people unless there is a good reason, like not zoning in for 20 minutes. He just didn't want to do that boss. So annoying.

And once again, our class schedule is wrong. We've had two now. Between the two, we've missed some classes because they weren't on our schedule so students didn't show up. We trust the schedule we're given and don't make another one based on the syllabus, which don't provide lecture times for some classes anyway. If we even get a syllabus. I suppose this is another case of TIG (this is Grenada) the phrase we use to explain anything that goes wrong down here.

So, we've missed classes because:
-the class coordinator was not on the island and didn't follow up with the lecturers to make sure things were happening as scheduled (for a Professionalism class. Great start there.) Missed 2 or 3 classes.
-One professor thinks all his classes are at 3:30, and if they are earlier doesn't come until 3:30 (missed 2 because of this)
-The schedule we were given did not list a class. Missed 2 from this now.

Lovely. Well, on to studying for the test tomorrow/clearing out the guild bank.

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