Monday, November 5, 2012


Another night of sleeplessness. I think I started a bad pattern this week. Histo test was not the best, but this was a bad day for it. Got some bad news about my grandfather's health, followed by a shift at the clinic til midnight. No sleep and emotional stress do not make for a very productive day. Kinda surprised I never passed out, really.

Anyway, just thought I would share the two things I learned that stuck with me this week.
First, the nuchal ligament in the dog makes for a very bad yoyo.
You can never ask a question too stupid.

And I will give a brief intro to my main WoW girls.

Elayldá, 90 night elf druid. Resto at heart, but running around as a kitty sometimes is fun too. It's nice to take a break from healing and only worry about not standing in the bad stuff. Of course, if I am going to do that, I prefer:

Elessa, 90 gnome mage. All the jokes about punting gnomes aside, and the bad images the phrase "running of the gnomes" first put into my mind, I enjoy my gnome. (Note: running of the gnomes was a lot of fun, and I will tell you of it later.)  When I am shorter than some of the wildlife, I do occasionally reconsider her stature.

Marabelynn, my human rogue. We're working up to 90 slowly, mostly to unlock lockboxes and fly while I mine. I like to be self-sufficient. I should probably keep up with the JC a bit more, but enh. Haven't been feeling the rogue lately.

Renala, my brand new Panda monk. Leveling mostly windwalker, I did try mistweaver for a while. Made me really hard to kill, but not so good at the DPS. I think giving the melee healing a try will be fun. I have so many melee classes, and keep professing to hate melee DPS. Bit of a contradiction, but I think it started with my habit of following my old guild's boomkin around in raids so I would learn not to stand in the bad stuff, and I associate boomkins with knowing what they are doing. So naturally, I feel like I should stay way from that spec and viola, kitty DPS. Renala and I are enjoying leveling, recruit a friend xp is wonderful. Doing the same panda quests for the third time are a little more fun with a friend along too. We're moving slowly through Pandaria, just hit 86 the other night. Finally decided to make a LW, but I am stalled at getting savage leather. I am probably just going to have to buy the 300 I need from the AH and eat the cost.

I'm hoping to get Reniella up to 85 at least, my dranei shammy, so I can learn BS and enchanting. My current enchanter is my deathknight, and for some reason I just can't stand playing her. I gave up at 75 in Cata. Maybe, once I finish everyone I care about more, and knock dailies out of the way for at least Elay, Elessa, and Renela, I will give her another shot before going through the trouble of leveling another enchanter all the way up.

On a brighter note, but tomorrow, maybe Wednesday at the latest if I get unlucky with the quests, I should be exalted with GL on Elay. She's really the only one I care about gearing up through valor, I just need the recipes for everyone else. So a /cheer for nearly being done with one set of dailies.

Yeah, this is very incoherent and rambling, and if I can ever stand to read through it again I will probably wince. Especially at this comment, but it is late so I will try to excuse myself.

Goodnight, time to attempt sleep. But first, a picture of some druid fun in Dragon Soul. Note the pretty clouds.

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