Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Productive Week

and it isn't even Friday! Hopefully I can keep this up and get some work on my anatomy drawings for the test next week. I have plans to do some additional dissection tomorrow. Hopefully, those pelvic limb muscles and nerves will get stuck in my brain.
So, not only have I actually studied during class, but I ran my first MoP heroic tonight! I know, it's nothing special, and I have an ilevel of 462, so I am a tad over geared... But, there are upgrades to be had still and I would like to show my guild I am making an effort at raiding. Aside from buying valor and crafted gear, I mean. And working on farming for the inscription trinkets. I am new to this guild, and I haven't raided since WotLK. Back then, I had no problem PUGing it for anything. Heroics, raids, whatever. Since I came back in Cata playing with my brother and his girlfriend, I have been shy about PUGs. Aside from the holiday bosses, I haven't done a single one. I was also a DPS since my brother healed and his girlfriend tanked, and was nervous about healing "on my own"  a bit. I'll admit, I love my kitty, but our DPS is nowhere near top notch. So I didn't like running alone, and found a boyfriend before I ever started raiding or healing which combined with a waning interest on my brother's part in the game, spelled out a break that lasted until MoP.
Anyway, my brother and his girlfriend stopped playing so I joined a guild where there were more members than just me. My new guild is full of nice people, very friendly, and they have recently started raiding. I was not included in that. My ilevel was not up to minimum, but was pretty darn close (3 points away). I had expressed interest in healing, and did what was asked of my on the website to show I was a willing to listen. And the first raid week did not happen because "lack if healer interest." I'll admit, that hurt my feelings a bit, as I was very interested and no one had contacted me or made mention in my hearing that they needed another healer. While I had not run any heroics, I had purchased valor gear and crafted my professions epics and farmed the holiday rings to get my gear up to snuff and enchanted.
I was hurt, but I realize that I am a newcomer to this guild, and I have not run any heroics with anyone (or at all) so how were they to know how interested I really was?
So I sucked it up and went on a heroic (with a friendly guildie) and healed my way through. Very easy, even with no clue about the mechanics. Don't stand in the bad stuff usually covers it, I've found. I did have to have my boyfriend look up the name for druid dispel because I couldn't find it and I was looking for the wrong picture for the last fight, but it was a success! I now feel confident enough to heal heroics. So hopefully this weekend I can upgrade my last few quest greens and wrangle a raid invite somewhere. On a side note, 4 weeks of killing Sha on 2 toons and no loot except gold. :( I wish I could see what my rolls against the system are.
Another note. A trinket dropped from the last boss that would have been an upgrade for me, and specifically said your healing spells in its text. And of course I rolled need. And so did our caster. Apparently the game takes even rolls (we both rolled a 78) and gave it to our caster. I was mildly upset, since he hadn't asked me about needing the trinket. I don't roll on anything with hit when I am a healer unless I ask first. I don't roll on for the spec I am not in. I think it is just courtesy to ask first, and if I hadn't been in such a good mood from not letting anyone die (it had been really close with one idiot who stood in some bad stuff and got health into the single digits... but only the one!) I would have been more than mildly upset. So please people, don't be rude and just ask. he worse that can happen is someone says no, you do whatever you wanted anyway, and they are still upset (unless you don't win it, in which case they shouldn't care).

Ok, so: study anatomy, animal nutrition, lose my last few greens and try to get into a raid. If not with my guild I will try a PUG sometime in the next few weeks. So many tests...
I still get a kick that my new skinner is a "master of anatomy."

Happy studying/raiding/farming/Friday!

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