Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ah, Vet School

As an undergrad, I never would have though professional school would be this regularly entertaining. I don't know why the thought never occurred to me, i worked in a research lab with a bunch of crazy fun people. And most of the fun comes from our anatomy professor. Today's lecture was fun. He gave the cat castration talk, and we discussed the male reproductive system. While discussing the cremaster muscle, and the other muscle in the scrotum and their purpose we were asked if we had ever really looked at a scrotum. I don't believe anyone spoke up, we were all laughing, especially when he continued on in his talk telling us we really should, and about swimming in cold mountain lakes. Ah, Dr. P's class is endlessly entertaining. If I wanted any kind of structured lecturing or explanations about what we were about to do, rather than all over the board skipping around as needed with no real clue what is in some of the power points, I would probably hate it. As it is, this test had repro questions on it "so we would've learned it all before [he] teaches it" to  us.

A lot of jumping about, but a lot of fun. One of the few classes i can stay awake in without the aid of my computer. Sorry, histo and physic, I know you're important but you're so dull sometimes.

The test went well, I think. One major mistake on my drawing, but not too shabby. I am also finally able to gain August Celestial rep on my tailor, so bag recipe here I come! about a month. 89 on the monk, soon my boyfriend and I can start them on heroics. I want to gear Renala up to raid. I'd love if he could come with me, but with a job with fluctuating hours I am not sure he could promise raid times every week. But I look forward to monk healing, and finishing the Dread Wastes. I hate bugs, so very much, even if I think the Klaxxi lore is cool.

One more test to go this wee, then 2 more weeks until finals! I will be home in a month! Woohoo! I am so excited! I bet all the exclamation points cleverly hid that.

Good night, and good luck to everyone with an equine nutrition test on Friday!

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