Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So today will have little mentions of the lighter side of life, and a lot of talk about something that made me very angry.
I am am affable person. I get along with just about anyone. The number of people I have really hated can be counted on one hand with plenty of room left over.
An old roommate who was bad enough to make me move out after about a week of putting up with her BS.
My brother's ex-wife, for trying to half-assed abort her twins, taking being a jerk to an 11 year old to new heights, and pulling all sorts of crap after the separation with him and the kids.

My grandmother is on the verge of joining the list. I learned a bit about her today. Some I already knew- my older brother is bipolar, and she told my mom to give him to the courts when he was a child because he was really hard to deal with, and had to be hospitalized a few times. A few other things that showed me my brother has a good reason to dislike her.
And what pissed me off today, he attitude towards prescription drugs. My grandfather had a ton of scripts, and my Mom and I put them all in a bag so we could dispose of them. The pharmacy we called first doesn't take them, and we went out without calling anywhere else, so we left them at home. She had made comments about giving some of them to her friends, who might be on the same thing, to save money. I don't think that's a good idea. He was an 83 year old diabetic with heart failure, high blood pressure, parkinson's and dementia. Some things, like his glucose test strips, I'm ok with her giving away. His dementia meds? Not so much.
So I tried to take the bag of meds home with me, to dispose of them, and she blew up. Threw a fit, called me manipulative told stories of giving me meds as a child (cause tylenol is the same as this stuff) and basically really pissed me off. I don't do confrontations well, and I usually try to avoid them.  But today I just didn't care. What was my mistake was doing this while my Mom had driven me up and was there. She turned on my Mom about not getting the drugs from her car, and not controlling me. Eventually, because I didn't want Mom to get reamed for this, I gave the bag back. She kept going, so I shut the door in her face and left her house.
Now, tonight she called my Mom and raked her over the coals. I have never wanted to call someone up and bitch them out as much as I do right now. So instead, I am writing her an e-mail, because I can edit out the phrase "manipulative bitch" easier than I can stop myself saying it. To vent some anger, I thought I would share here.
I did double check the laws here, and it is illegal to give away prescriptions like she wants to.
I may be a cold bitch for saying if her friends can't afford the medicine they need to suck it up and deal with it, or come up with the money. I feel it is worse to give someone a few week's worth when they can't afford it and have them start and stop, than for them to have none.
Especially without a doctor' consultation. If she called up her doctor and he said it was fine, then I will apologize and take her to wherever she wants to go to give them out.
Right now, I am trying to figure out how to tell her she is being a manipulative bitch without using that word, or getting my mother into more trouble with her. I am going back to Grenada in a week, and I won't have to deal with her. My mom lives half an hour away, and can't not answer the phone when she calls.

Well, hopefully we can come to some agreement. Goodnight all.

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