Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Time Off

It's that time of the week, folks. That's right, realm maintenance time! So since I am offline for a few more hours (and longer if I actually study for that anatomy test) I figured I would reflect on what I am up to. And some good news on the anatomy front- spur of the moment, our professor decided to give us the option to cancel the lab portion of our test tomorrow since we are behind on dissection, and instead is giving us 7 points. A nice surprise.

So, for WoW: my main is exalted with GL and Tillers, and I don't really care about the other factions for here. Herbalist and scribe, no recipes she needs to get, so I do the other quests when I feel like it. My main alt, my mage and tailor, is working on getting revered with GL so she can get going on the other factions to buy that bag recipe and expand her farm. Every 85 alt has a farm, at least. My next 2, my monk and rogue, are working it up to 90. I am excited at trying to heal on my monk, there appear to be many more options that my druid has. I love being a tree, but being a panda is an acceptable compromise.

On a side note, I just feel like a druid should never really see armor. In WotLK, logging in sometimes would surprise me because the login screen showed my gear, with these huge swirly shoulder pads. As a tree, kitty, or bird, I never saw them. Seeing druids in "normal" form surprises and disappoints me. Boomkins hold a special place in my heart, although I have never played one. My mantra when I started to raid was "follow the boom kin" because our guild's boomkin stood out and knew where to stand to avoid the bad stuff. That thought almost got me in trouble in a few PUGs, when our boomkin wasn't there. Then I learned myself, and everything was better. Still, I love boomkins for that reason.

I want to make a hunter, I think, for my next alt. My boyfriend and I still have a few weeks of refer a friend left, so I will ask him what he wants to make so we can take advantage of all that xp. I prefer being ranged, for all that of most of my DPS specs are melee. I just like to see what is going on, not just the back of the boss's knees. Plus, my first toon ever, still sitting at 40-something on a PvP server, was a horde hunter. I made the switch to alliance on an RP server because of some friends, and later again for my brother.

Ok, that got off track. So, get rep up to buy bag recipe. Get rogue to 90 to unlock all those lockboxes I have picked up (entire reason I rolled a rogue) and get monk to 90 to heal and get my boyfriend started on heroics and all the dailies. Roll new toon. Hardest thing to do in all of that will be to pick a name. And I can figure out which professions I don't have yet! THe real reason I have so many alts, because I hate paying for everything.

On another side note, I got a funny whisper the other day, someone asking me how I picked my name. They saw it in general chat, and it is one letter off from their bank alt. So if I receive any weird mail, I will know where it comes from and can return it.

Well, time to study folks. 2 hours of one of the most boring professors I have had to date (or possibly his wife, but I will explain that another time) is the perfect time to draw pictures of dog reproductive tracts.

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