Monday, September 3, 2012

So I made it a little further in Scrubs, and a lot further in my anatomy notes.
Good news, our anatomy teacher is back in the country, and is in class today! He cleared up a lot of questions about the class, and the upper term students cleared up a lot about what to do for his class. I am no longer quite as worried about anatomy.
This week looks to be full of histology and physiology, so I will have plenty of that to worry about.
On Sundays, one of the school clubs goes out and collects dogs people have volunteered for the students to practice surgery on. Last night, I went over to help feed and let out the dogs for surgery this week. Two adorable puppies, not old enough for surgery, need a foster. Sadly, I cannot keep a dog in the dorm room or I would have one. No word on the rest of them, so I assume they have passed muster and will be operated on this week.

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