Friday, March 14, 2014

A Typical SGU Test

Well, this exam is getting off to a great start. Half the class can’t log in to download, and it’s already 7 minutes after start time. Exam services is “working on” the problem. The longer it takes, the more I feel I should be studying instead of reading this story. Which, in a show of “not the greatest decision making” I stayed up til 3 to read.

My guild ended up not raiding last night. I was blamed, even though I only told 3 people I wouldn’t be there, and those 3 showed up. (Turns out there was a power outage that took 3 people out.) We were missing a tank and a healer, as well as 2 others. They decided to call it, which means I can bring my monk for the early bosses worry-free and use up some of those bonus rolls. I’ll figure out what to do with the Garrosh lockout after I see how far my Tues/Thurs raid gets. 

My RL is really worries about Garrosh. I tend to worry a little less, but I can see his point. I think some flex practice, so we can see more of the mechanics, would be a good deal. But we’re a few weeks out on that, I think, unless we have a fantastic night on Friday. And start on time. I wonder what that would be like….

I got my hearthsteed yesterday, so I’m happy. It was pretty easy (and free- big thing for me free) and took from starting the download of Hearthstone to logging on to WoW to collect my mount, about an hour. And now I have a new, quick game to play. I used to play M:tG, and would still play if I was in an area that had cards. I also tended to be best with aggro decks. I did decently well with RDW and after a while people hated to see me draft RG aggro. Though they apparently forgot I started that because someone else did and I was NOT going to let him get them again. And it seems hearthstone, from the little I’ve seen, is very much an aggro game.

20 minutes past exam start time, and counting.

Last test tomorrow. Well, until the one on Wednesday, a practical for intro to surgical skills. But that’s a whole 6 days away, which is an eternity when there’s another test before that.

The test ended up starting between half an hour and forty-five minutes late. I am very happy with my grade, since I felt like I was just guessing on almost every poultry question. Clearly had this class on my mind though. Took a nap afterwards, had a dream I was on an emu farm/swamp bird watching/snake finding trip in the Outer Banks with my professor. Interesting.

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