Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend got off to a decent start. Did flex on Sat, and flex 1 went super quick, one shot, no swapping around, took about 45 min. Really quick for us. Flex 3 was slower, our 10 min break turned into double sicne we lacked a timer and were doing a lot of swapping. Malkorok took a while, as did Spoils. Had a lot of alts, so DPS was low and we were right on the timer every time. Ended up hitting quitting time before Thok.

After that we managed to knock out 2 more CM golds. And I’ve realized my shammy has done maybe 1 heroic by herself, so I should make an effort to run through the ones I haven’t done so we don’t have to run through them on heroic for me first. 

I also capped Conquest on my druid, and bought my shoulders. The celestials are hoarding all the PvP gear from her. I don’t do RBGs, so I think I will be just a tad short of my helm next week. But I am excited to be doing arenas again! My partner is always way too complimentary of me, and gets too mad at himself. I do tell him occasionally he’s overestimating me- all I have to do is live, and keep him alive. That’s really my goal.  Occasionally I get caught up in CCing all the things, and that does not end well. I really what to hibernate a shaman, just for the giggles I’d get. Maybe today we’ll see if our third still needs to cap, and do some arenas with her.

Or maybe not, midterms are next week- 5 tests in 5 days, and we start and end with the hardest ones. My goal for the week is to exercise daily and study for at least 2 classes. Today I want to hit my 2 hardest classes, with the most material- path and clin med. So even though I have no labs today, I have a lot to do this afternoon. 

Plus it’s a friends birthday, and there was talk of going out for lunch. Yum, hope that works! Or dinner maybe, it’s half price pizza night.

Anyway, with all that stuff, I better go get started on that studying.

But I just keep going back to reading about Dr. Koshi. It really hurts my heart that people can put so much effort into being mean, and somehow think they are doing the right thing. And to think this all started over a cat.

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