Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Bit of a Ramble

This one is a bit long and rambling.

Alright, so yesterday started pretty good. I did a brief write-up on the last few CM we have on our second set of toons, and decided to quit slacking and make potions. Don’t really think about DPS potions as a healer. Killed a celestial on my druid for my weekly gold, and ran a random BG so that when I run one today I can get my PvP weapon :)

I ran my druid through what I can comfortable solo in Ulduar, leaving 4 bosses and 1 fragment left. I feel bad asking the same few people to run it with me, so I may try to see if anyone else is willing to help me. Got a FL run for Saturday, though I am itching to try to solo some of those bosses. Think I’ll just wait til next week, and take it easy this week.

One of my teachers brought her dog to class, so our visiting professor could do a brief neuro exam. We’ve seen and done them before, but it’s nice to get a refresher. Plus that was the professor I have a weekly Tuesday group meeting with, so I was happy to get a little bit of dog time. I could really use my dog some days.

In Hearthstone, finally unlocked the last hero so I can try arena. Limited has always been my favorite format for Magic, and hopefully once I remember my basic limited rules: rarely more than 8 non-creature spells in a 40 card deck where 15-17 are land (depending on my mana curve) and remember to LOOK at my curve, I think I’ll do a bit better. It does take me a while to learn things, and I am used to having LSV’s set reviews with limited and constructed comments to look over. I don’t always agree with him, but it is always useful. I haven’t kept up with Magic here, no place sells cards. Haven’t even looked at spoiler since the last Elspeth was spoiled. A side note- Elspeth, Knight-Errant is one of my favorite cards, and I wish I’d had the money to play her when she was in standard. I started in Zendikar, and I wish I’d started earlier. Though at least I have a bunch of Zendikar full-art lands to play with. But anyway, Hearthstone is very aggro-y, and I always did best with aggro decks. Though I do remember the first time playing Red Deck Wins, which was designed to be able to deal 20 damage by turn 4, in an ideal hand, against White Weenie, a cheap white aggro deck, and we nearly went to turns. I rarely won by turn 4, but often by 6. 

I miss Magic sometimes. Made some nice friends there, met my boyfriend through Magic. I used to, in Blacksburg, play FNM then draft afterwards til 2 AM, then draft on Wednesdays. And drafter 2-3 times a week in Yorktown. I played a lot. Never did Magic Online, they didn’t have it for macs and I’m a cheapskate.

And the raid. We had 2 or 3 pulls, lost 1 person, and fell apart. We were missing 3 or 4 at the start, and took a while to get going. I just felt awful at the end of the day. I don’t know why, but I was near tears and frustrated and just wanted to DO SOMETHING but I didn’t want to really do anything. I blame most of that attitude on lack of sleep making me more prone to emotional outbursts combined with stress. That feeling kept me up til 3 AM doing pretty much nothing but reading random things and watching youtube videos. 

I did try to study. Went over Pasquini’s “Localize the Lesion” dog as practice for neuro. Couldn’t get through notes at all, was just so frustrated. 

I need to remember to get a lockout for Garrosh later on flex with Elay. Maybe I’ll look at trying that over lunch. The alternative is napping. I think I will stay up and hopefully crash after raid, instead of being sleepless til 3 AM again. 

Oh, I also sent in transmog for MoMar’s March competition. I sent one in for February, since I happened to have a red transmog already put together on my monk. But it didn’t get in, probably the e-mail issues I’ve been having. Not the happiest with orange, it was put together rather quickly. 

Oooh, did I mention I finally got the staff for Elay? Dreambinder dropped, from Freya this time, yay! <happy dance> just in time for me to be almost done with Ulduar for the legendary.

And now the real life stuff: the move. I live with my parents when I am not in school, and they are moving. It’s going to add 15 minutes to my drive to work and my boyfriends, which I imagine I’ll adjust to eventually. Mom decided to start moving in in May, ideally being done before I get home on the 18th. Well my brother’s guidance counselor heard, and told him he would have to pay tuition since it’s a different county. For one month. He graduates in June. How silly, especially since my Dad owns the townhouse so he’d still have a parent with an address in the right county. So my Mom is debating putting off the move, because Jake is going to stay at the townhouse with one of the dogs just to avoid issues with the school, and I don’t think she wants to leave him alone. Oh brief background here: my parent are divorced, Mom and Dad bought a townhouse at the time of the split, Mom moved in with us kids, a fight occurred, Dad moved in and Mom moved out, Mom remarried, Dad remarried and moved to Germany, Mom rents the town home from my Dad since it is in his name alone now. Now Mom is moving to a house again, with a fenced in yard, since we have 3 large dogs and only one is well trained and won’t pull my step dad over if they see a squirrel. 

That’s a big reason for the move- Mom is worried about my step dad and the dogs after my brother leaves, and he won’t have anyone to help with them while she is at work. He is very stubborn, and not in the best health. He’s over 6 foot when he’s not hunched and he weighs less than 160 lbs, and they can’t find any reason for the weight loss. He was a large man when I first met him. Lots of other things going on related to a car accident he was in a few years ago to, and a knee that needed replaced even before that accident. 

So Mom is worried about the move, and my older brother is doing his usual “I promise I’ll do it” then never finding the time, to help with some things for the move. And I don’t fly home til May 18th, so I can’t help much. I mean, there is plenty of time left, and I reminded my mom that 1 carload a week and the house will be empty before I get home. My parents have a large truck, can fit quite a bit. I just wish I could help more.

Nice to laugh at little things: golf tee sign, in myleography, and my teacher turning her head to see it. Someone was tired when they named that I bet, or wishing that’s where they were.

“We can also diagnose brain death with this, thought it’s typically quite apparent when [they’re brain dead]”

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