Thursday, March 13, 2014

Procrastinating is Going Well

Since I caught up on all my TV shows Monday night, I had very few distractions to studying yesterday. We’ll see how I do on the exam then.

Only a little WoW- since I wasn’t raiding, I didn’t want to log in during raid time. So I checked up on the armory instead to see who got what and judge how far they got. Looks like it was a fresh run, which means I need to remember to check with the RL about the lockout I have to Garrosh on the druid, and do that before I bring her to raid on Friday.

And tonight is my guild’s raid. I might pop in to check on them and wish them luck. 

I would like to talk to some people a little more about potential horde side raiding. I’ve made a level 1 druid, simply as a place holder. Now to decide which is quicker- level to 60 so I don’t have to level professions, or spending time gathering to level alchemy once I hit 90. I think the gathering time is quicker. So while nothing is decided, clearly I am preparing for that option.

I also decided I’d go alchemist, cause I can trade flasks for goods and services. Who doesn’t need flasks? I know, people like me with alchemists. But even I would accept flasks in trade. Since we’re not doing part 2 in flex, and since my raids have been extending for weeks to kill Garrosh, I haven’t been getting those few extra flasks each week. I raid at least- wow, I just did the math.11 hours normal, and 6 flex. Though that flex time will be cut down by 3 hours. Still, 17 flasks a week- I do not bring that many golden lotus in anymore, since I don’t keep up with farming and I’m not killing things to gather motes and turn them in. I decimated my mote supply to get Elay the pants/waist from LW and get to the 13163 haste breakpoint.  I think I’ll start using that crystal of insanity a bit more, especially for flex and farm content.

And I am sad that that number is in my head, when it could be anesthesiology knowledge instead.

Well, after today I’ll have 2 more tests left. Avian and Exotics, and Intro to Clin Med. Both are tough, either because it’s a topic I have little background in or because there’s just so much STUFF.

And have you seen the hearthstone mount? Looks neat. And looks like a horse, and I’m really missing horses today. I’m pretty sure my pony is long gone, even though I haven’t talked to the woman who took him in since I gave him away. But that was….the summer of 2010. Wow, it felt so much longer. Maybe he is still alive. If I end up back in Blacksburg, I will have to check. I try not to think about it a lot, it makes me sad. I did an internship in northern Virginia for a few months, and there was no way I could afford horse boarding there, plus I was still paying off the expensive vet bills for treating a few things earlier in the year. I found a woman with 17 acres and a few other horses who was willing to take him in. Sinbad, let me see if I can find a picture. And yes, I should be studying now and I’ve been putting it off with little things all day. 

He was a good pony to learn with. I started riding when I was 10 or 11, and working at the barn on weekends when I was 13. My mom got him for me that winter, he was the horse I rode in lessons all the time. Working at the barn paid his board and my lessons. He was stubborn and smart and dang it but I never fell off of him when he was moving. His preferred method was to come to a dead stop and drop his head, usually after a jump when I was already leaning forward a bit and was way more likely to just tumble off. Have no idea his real age, but according to his teeth after we got him, we were told over 20. 

He was very stubborn. We went on a trail ride once, just me and him. I wasn’t too familiar with the area, but wasn’t worried. I didn’t go far, and worse came to worse we just back tracked instead of finding the way forward that also went home. Well after wandering around for a little while, and checking a few paths to see if they went home, Sinbad just turned and started tromping through the woods. I let him, and in a few moments we were back where we started, by the gate. I have an awful sense of direction, and I trusted his more than mine. That sense of direction applies to local roads, traveling, and WoW dungeons. Also have to take a second to do left and right, sometimes holding my hands in front of me. Not as bad as my mother, who you have to tell “driver’s side” or “passenger’s side” when directing her while she’s driving. I have been known to point right and say left.

In hindsight, perhaps I should be careful exploring unknown areas with a poor sense of direction. But I have a pretty good memory and can back track pretty well. Besides, that's what cell phones with GPS are for. 

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