Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Midterms, continued

So Monday was a bust, mentally. I was so shaken by that test, I did very little studying. I read maybe 35 pages of notes all day. But anyway, today is a new day, new exam, and new tests! This one was vet public health, and should be pretty easy.

We ended up canceling flex on Monday. The 3 officers on did not feel like having flex, and we didn’t have that meeting with our raiding officer after all. We’ll see how it goes, once we get that meeting together. We’ll still do Sat flexes, though I suppose we’ll swap up the wings a bit more.

Did some challenge mode work instead. I had planned on not getting on WoW, but I pretty much said “F it all, why does it matter” and made some bad decisions. In addition to playing WoW til 11, I learned the Once Upon a Times were back, and decided I wanted to watch them. So then it was close to 2 (because I didn’t make the decision to start til after midnight) and yeah, not the smartest panda.

And I was given something else to think about. The preorders have started, and the 90 boost is available now. I’ve been debating who to raise. I’ve thought about a pally, since that’s the once class I don’t have a toon started at all, just a level 1 holding a name. Not including warriors- I don’t want one right now. But every other class I have at least to 40, and feel I can level from there, or I don’t really care about leveling. Then someone mentioned an opportunity to raid in WoD, as part of a mythic team, horde-side.

I have 1 lone level 62 horde monk, and that one is earmarked for a Herald of the Titans run. So I could boost a horde, maybe a druid. I’m most comfortable on my druid, throwing HoTs out and setting my tree on fire. Though if I have to DPS, I will have to do a lot of practice. I’m a feral druid for DPS. Always am. (You know, for someone who claims to dislike melee, I play an awful lot of them over ranged.) But I’m not the best kitty I could be. I’m pretty sure I’m on the lower end of mediocre there.

But do I want to? I don’t know. If my friends go, I would probably go along with them. I would not go do that by myself. I’ve never been a serious raider, pushing realm firsts. This is the first time since Wrath I’ve been on an end boss while it was the current tier, and look how long it’s taken me to get there. Haven’t even killed him yet. Plus, I won’t have my army of alts with their support professions. And I would either have to level to, what, 60? or start professions from scratch. I was thinking JC, since that can get pretty expensive. 

I’m already seriously considering it. I don’t even know what I’ll be doing when WoD comes out. Raiding horde and alliance with my guild would mean I’d have to split my time. I like my alliance friends. Though some of them would be horde too. And I doubt there will be another legendary like this one for me to be pursuing on both sides. 

I’m not sure. I need to think about it, talk it over. I know, already, that I want to got my monk and druid to max level first, then it’s usually my mage and rogue, in part to level alchemy and JC. Then the enchanter. Then having to do a horde toon too, probably as one of my first 2 or 3? I’ve become so used to having the JC to make me gems, the alchemist to transmute what I need and give me flasks, the enchanter and scribe, the tailor and leatherworker, so I am pretty self-sufficient. The only profession I don’t have it engineering. And I’ve considered using the boost for that, on my hunter in the mid-60’s. I suppose I could coordinate with my friends, if I choose to go that way. Share professions. Plus, I’m sure there are helpful people horde side, if I could get mats.

So that’s been floating around in my head. Clearly a decent bit. I wish I had a solid release date, and I wish it was the last week of July or the first week of August. December 20th would be nice too, but anytime between mid-August til then, I have classes. And it took me a leisurely few months to get my current group up and leveled.

Well, I have plenty of time to ponder this. I’ll work it out eventually.

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