Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Weekend Report

I took a break this weekend. I did some light studying, but the fact that I have an exam on Wednesday almost completely slipped my mind. I’ll work on that this week. It’s in surgical skills, so practicing my suture patterns and making sure I know all the surgical instrument names.

In WoW, I managed to cap conquest. I think I can get my weapon next week. If I’m lucky, the Celestials will give my poor druid some prideful gear. I’m enjoying PvP more than I thought I would. I do wish I could get involved in some rated battlegrounds. 

Managed to clear out my mailboxes and a few banks. Organized 2 tabs in my bank alt’s guild. Ok, one of those is cause I purchased a new tab, so it didn’t have time to get messy. Once I sold off all the extra enchanting mats I had a lot more room than I expected. I kept enough to help someone level enchanting. I am missing some of the harder to get enchanting mats- hypnotic dust, a few others. But since my enchanters are maxed, and my BF’s is, I’m only hanging on to it to help a hypothetical person in the future, so I don’t mind too much.

Yesterday I found 5 other people to help with Firelands! But we missed the achievement I need. But 2 of them said they’d go back again, either for achieves and transmog or to work on their legendary. I finished the first part of the legendary, and I might try to get the next part done solo without killing bosses so I can put a date on the calendar to get achievements. I’ll give soloing bosses there a try later. I feel bad asking people to help me run old stuff as often as I have been.  Though I’m 2 weeks, 1 if I get lucky, away from my legendary in Ulduar, yay! Many thanks to the people who have been running that with me regularly. It’ll be nice to get that done, since I’m going to be asking people to run Firelands with me it’ll be nice to keep it to 1 thing I need help with a week.

Looks like Monday flexes are cancelled for good, thank goodness. 6 days in SoO was getting to be a lot. I do miss my chances for the pet, but I suppose I can PuG it with my shaman, she’ll need gear if we ever get that alt run off the ground. 

Today we started fish med. With an Irish lecturer on Saint Patricks Day. And I forgot to wear green. Upon reflection, I’m not sure I have much green here. Turquoise, if you want to be generous.  Maybe 2 shirts with actual green on them. 

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