Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So, yeah... Not the BEST Use of Time, per se

I managed to get very little done yesterday. I swapped my monk from brewmaster back to DPS, at the request of my RL-only to bring my druid to heal. Made me giggle a little, but probably a good thing- I’m way more likely to need to do decent DPS than I am to tank. We have yet another capable tank in a returning player, who I am very happy to see. And now he’s talking in vent- completely threw me off. But anyway, yay for returning guildies!

So Garrosh- I feel we’re making progress, now we’re getting to the point that what is killing us isn’t so much the adds, as it is the empowered mind controls. We were back up to 3 tanks again last night. Enh, it worked ok- but I told my RL my thoughts: it worked ok tonight, but I think we’re handicapping ourselves in phase 1 and 2 to carry an extra tank for phase 3- which we’ve never even gotten to yet! For some reason, that raid is enamored with jumping up to 3 tanks at a moments notice, for bosses that 2-tank just fine. Like General Nazgrim. Possibly because we have 3 melee DPS, 2 of which have a tank off-spec. All that aside, I still felt like last night we made more progress than we have in weeks. I can say some stuff I think needs to improve, I can be catty and say one of the ideas implemented last night I told him would help us weeks ago (and hey, it did!), but I just want him to die.

And I think it might be really fun if our group for Wed/Fri managed to kill Garrosh this week. I have no doubt we’ll get there this week, just a matter of who much time will we have to work on it. 

And a quick recap of our Monday flex- same as normal, kill first two, wipe on Garrosh for half an hour. Part of the issue is explanations, I think. We have the same core group of 10-13, and occasionally 1 or 2 new people, and I can’t keep straight who needs what explained. I’m very minimalist on explanations- took about 30 sec to explain Paragons, and that was mostly “don’t stand in anything, except the one thing, and I’ll call out other stuff as we go” with one or two other points. But half an hour video and a page of notes condensed quite nicely. Thank goodness the tanks know what they’re doing.

And the reason I managed to be so productive yesterday- Anne Bishop’s new book came out, and I spent the morning reading it and the afternoon napping. Yeah, that sleep schedule thing lasted 2 days and I am back to embracing the nap. I am hopeful that next week I can catch up on my sleep load a bit- midterms, (yikes) but that means no classes- so I can sleep in a bit. 

That’s another reason I want to kill Garrosh, so I can take a week off without feeling bad (or missing the kill). Though I also feel like I should be able to give up a few hours a day from studying. We’ll see what happens- if our Wed/Fri raid doesn’t kill Garrosh, and doesn’t extend, I might skip that and the Monday flex, and if our Tues/Thurs raid doesn’t kill Garrosh this week, I will think about what I want to do.

Oh noes! Just learned all my exams are actually at 8:30 AM- stupid schedule and its inaccurate timetables.

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