Friday, March 28, 2014

Knocking Things Out

Alright, I have my PvP staff, got the lockout for Garrosh on Flex, and got the name I wanted for my potential horde druid released. Saw the response to that ticket in the middle of raid and was twitchy til break time when I could go make her.

While I was queued up for flex, I got a whisper from someone asking for advice on druid healing. So I chatted with that person for a while, went over all the glyphs, talents, abilities, whatever he asked that I could think of. I hope it helped him. I was feeling particularly nice, and he was very polite about the whole thing.

I finished my legendary for Ulduar, yay! And promised to help the 2 people who ran that with me weekly finish their legendary in ICC. I promised them that weeks ago, we just stalled out on the vampire part, due to lack of people.

Whoops, I messed up. I do combat logs, and I forgot I logged out (to make my horde druid) and didn’t restart. Then I “stopped” logging. Or so I thought. So now we have logs for my Ulduar run from last night. Yeah… And last week we have logs for the first few bosses of Firelands. I’m on top of things there, whoo! I finally got logs for my shaman friend who has experimented with some healing helping things, so she can see that on Thok.

Our raid last night went pretty well. We took down 4 bosses fairly easily. We had a few wipes, Blackfuse gave us a little trouble, but we got em pretty easily. The plan is to work on Garrosh in flex, where ideally we will be able to see the whole fight instead of wiping in part 1 or the beginning of part 2. I’m hopeful we’ll down it, and a bit sad that I have to wonder about that when I’ve been in PuGs that have done flex Garrosh so easily.

I’m sure we’ll get it eventually. It’s just a matter of time and practice, and hoping everyone stays sane and no one stresses out too much. We need to have a discussion with our guild leader, make an official policy for alts in the raid. We only have a small handful of people who would want to switch, but an official policy will be nice. Had lots of discussion for potential answers to some of the questions that are really worrying our raid leader. Hopefully we can implement at least 1, and then the only other big issue will bug me more than anyone else. And I’ve just gotten used to sighing and ploughing forward. And reminding people to dispel. 

I’ve pretty much decided to prepare to raid horde next expansion, hopefully with a resto druid. I need to talk someone and find out what his plans are. Right now, he raids on his lock, but he has healed on his druid in the past. I have enjoyed healing on my shaman and monk, and if he wants to heal on a druid I can figure something else out. But now I have Nala, a tauren druid, to level to 60 before I boost her. I have 4 of those experience boost elixirs to use, and I don’t want to level professions from scratch. I decided herbalism/alchemy, and I will get some gold over to horde-side. I’ll have to be poor for a while, and just buy things of the AH. I will miss my supporting group of alts.

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