Friday, March 7, 2014

Getting By

Not making the best decisions lately, from a study standpoint. From a mental health stand point, I think it’s debatable. I skipped my early classes this morning to sleep in. Path and Public Health are an easy decision. I love this current path lecturer, he’s really nice, his notes are complete and well organized and he takes the Pasquini approach to highlighting what 85% of our test will cover. But he reads straight from the slide, doesn’t say much extra, so paying attention is not necessary. So I feel well rested and relaxed. I am going to try not to nap- a long nap really takes a lot out of my day, especially if I want to keep up with raiding.

And on that note- raiding! Our raid last night didn’t go that well. People just seemed to be making silly mistakes (myself included, though I’d like to think mine were few in number) and  we only got one boss down. So sadly we’ll have to start at Paragons on Friday, not Garrosh. I really wanted to get them down. Not much else to say there. I can rattle off a long list of complaints about what I should’ve done different or how much can I nag people to not be stupid. Really, not equipping a cloak that’s almost 20 ilevels better because it has hit and you’re hit capped already, when hit is the second minor stat and your current cloak has 1- and it’s not what you need, while this other cloak does have the crit you want? There’s my whine of the day. Can’t tell other people how to play, can only find people who play like me so I whine less.

Not sure what we’ll do on Garrosh tonight. I still feel we made good progress on Tuesday. Hopefully we’ll go back to 2 heals, 2 tanks, and it’d be nice if I could bring my monk. My druid doesn’t have an interrupt that will work on empowered MC, while the monk does. Plus I’d like to DPS. I think our RL is hesitant to bring more melee, but with the way my CD’s line up nicely with the whirls (at least in flex) and I am pretty decent monk DPS. Not a hot shot, by any means, but still nice I think.

One more thing- I may have mentioned it before, but I forgot last night. Once again, I was told to pick something. We had all 3 of our subs available last night, though only 2 were online at this point, and I said in chat to both of them “hey, you’re both here, want to duke it out for the spot” to see what they would say. They said nothing, our raiding officer told me to just pick rather than leaving it up to them. Well I dithered, and ended up tossing it in the RL’s lap when he showed up. One of them offered to step back to him, and it ended up being the person I would’ve picked, since he had sat out the week before for personal issues yeah, but still missed. 

So from now on, I am going to remember that I told myself if such a situation arises again, I am going to pick, guilt-free. And people can suck it up and learn to answer me clearly when I say “what do you want to do” instead of saying, oh, whatever you want me to. 

Just a side note- maybe we should address this extra raider thing. We have, almost every night, 1 or 2 extra people coming a night. I can say this secure in not being a RL- if I were in charge, if people routinely did not respond to their calendar invite, I would start leaving those people out. Tell them “you didn’t respond, I assumed it was a no and replaced you.” Doesn’t always work since our RL doesn’t always respond. Though he will decline if he can’t make it. But anyway, that’s just something that bugs me. As is one person inviting all his alts so he can check the calendar no matter who he is on. All those extra names bug me-  I want 10 names, 10 accepts. Yeah, emergencies happen and we might have to scramble around for that one extra person if it’s last minute. But if you know in advance- we have 3 standbys. They’re good raider who just can’t commit to a schedule, but for the last 2 months 2 of them have been there almost every night, and have to decide who will drop. We don’t rotate people in and out, we tried it one night and I think it worked well but I think it also upset at least 1 person, so we haven’t tried again.

Wow, I had a bit more to say on that subject than I thought.  The thing there is- I am not in charge. I help the RL, I start things when he’s late, I mark things and help call things out, put up the calendar invites. (By the way, how many times do I have to tell people “click the damn body for a buff” before someone (8 potential people, at that point- it was the first one, for crying out loud) before it gets picked up?) I am not sure I should discuss this with him or not. Again, not in charge, but a helper. I’ll debate it. If he’s on later today, I will broach the topic of the one raider who is on the list and hasn’t come in weeks and see if he’s been talked to, or if I can just remove him.

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