Saturday, March 8, 2014


Well, we’re making progress on Garrosh. We fluctuated between 2 and 3 tanks a lot, and ended up having everyone swap to ranged, leaving my fistweaver mink the only melee DPS. So I had to do some only mistweaving or a bit, and i really need to practice that. I know it should take less mana than fistweaving, not more. I think I need to get out of the mindset that I have to heal them RIGHT NOW because I can spam some stuff and go OOM quickly. Then I swapped to the druid to typhoon adds back and promptly forgot to do it. 

Because we had 2 people swap to alts, there was talk of starting fresh next week to get them some gear. Since 3 separate people mentioned that and I told my RL I’m still deciding if I can attend next week with midterms coming up, I’m hoping that’s the route we take. I know the RL- heck, all of us- really want to down Garrosh, but a bit of a break would be nice.

My poor professor just told us where we’d be for the exam- split into 2 rooms, in 2 different buildings about 3 minutes apart. A pain, but ok. Except the second room is very poorly designed for class use. Our class started there, and with a hundred of us at the time it sucked. Seats are too small and close, rows are too close, there was no board to write on for a while, and we had a few other issues. And we’re scheduled to be back in there next term, as far as I know. We’ll see how that works out. Anyway, once the professor announced that, he asked if there were any problems and half the class had a comment. That room sucks, but he didn’t pick it and can’t change it. I don’t get why we are split up, when there is a room right across the hall from us. Would make more sense to put us all in 1 building, and if another class is using that room, have them use the one in Taylor instead. So classes don’t get split. But TIG- this is Grenada, you learn to just deal with the odd stuff.

So I ended up not talking to my RL yesterday about my issues, and when I checked the calendar later noticed (almost) all of the alts were gone. Not the one person who is on the list but hardly online, but the GL mentioned he was taking a break from WoW for a while and we might want to remove him, so I might do that later.

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