Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Midterm Down

Ok, first midterm down. Absolutely awful. Not failing, but awful for me. A 78. I can still get a B in the class, but an A is out of reach. I’m just so upset, I studied a lot for this test. 

Oh, actually a friend pointed out an A is still possible, but I can only miss one question the rest of the semester. Unlikely, but it makes me feel a bit better. Walking out of the test I was incredibly upset. I actually left my bag in the room and had to go back and get it. I’ll never know for sure what I missed- I have a good idea about some of them, but the regulations are so screwed up, students have no idea what’s really allowed. Other students who talked to these professors told me we only get to go over concepts, not questions. Other teachers have gone over test questions- though I was told “this isn’t happening” so I guess it wasn’t really allowed.

The test situation really bugs me. That test showed us a raw score. Past test have showed us nothing, let us review the whole thing, showed us only the wrong answers, been password protected review, etc. I wish there was one procedure, for all tests, so I didn’t wonder each time what was going to happen. With paper tests, they gave out answers as soon as the test was done. I don’t see why they can’t do that again, if they are concerned about cheating have us wait til everyone is done and give us password review. Though the wait til everyone is done to leave tests are a pain. That password idea would give us the option- if I get my raw score back as 100 or 95, I don’t need to see the answers.  And all the cheating concerns could be taken care of if they had a proper testing facility instead of shoving us into any old room. But that’s another issue, and it certainly won’t be solved while I’m here.

I can complain about SGU until the cows come home, it won’t change anything. Probably not a good idea, then I will dwell on the bad rather than the good- the beautiful beaches, the… beaches. I’m sure there’s more. Oh, the weather! Always sunny and in the 80s. What’s done is done. Now I’m in this horrible funk, where I don’t want to do anything but sit and mope. I really want my dog. It would have been really nice to curl up with her and take a nap. She’s great about taking naps. The only time I have touched a living animal this term was the chicken lab last week.

In WoW news, got another challenge mode down. Since I have 5 to go on that toon, and another toon waiting as well, I really should put together a cheat-sheet for these. We were having issues with Scarlet Monastery. Without a DK to control one of those spirits, we were 48 seconds too slow. I’m going to have to look up some stuff for elemental shamans too, I feel like I am not doing well on bosses. Trash, sure, all the chain lightning spamming is easy. 

Not going to be much from me this week. With midterms, I’m taking the week off raiding and evening WoW activities. I’ll still log on during the day, to chat and give my mind something else to do. But I feel raiding is a bad idea, and sleep is a fantastic idea.

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