Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Weekend Review

So Friday night our raid practiced Garrosh in flex, to hopefully give us a chance to reliably see the whole fight and be able to bring all our standbys along so they can learn it too. I don’t know how our raid leader can calmly and patiently go over the same stuff repeatedly and not sound like he is getting annoyed. I was getting annoyed and I was making a deliberate effort to stay nice and not grump. I know, some of these folks don’t do LFR and our Monday flexes have stopped and those were the wing 4 ones, even though we haven’t taken Garrosh out we’ve still explained it there several times.

Anyway, we did flex. Did not kill him, but did see the whole fight and get our positioning down. I think we will have a hard time with the interrupts. We have 2 druid healers, so no interrupts for part 3 there, and a boomkin DPS and I don’t think Solar Beam works and I don’t think they get Skull Bash, which leaves 5 potential interrupters, after MCs go out, including the tanks. Well, we’ll work it out. Or I’ll get fed up and bring my monk so I can have a real interrupt. I’m a little less certain of 2-healing on the monk with my healing partner, I feel more confident on my druid. But all this is hypothetical, as it will be at least another 2 weeks before we get back there. And our 3rd healer who is going DPS for fights now is getting married and going out of town! A big grats to him, and I wish him a happy time.

This weekend had a lot more runs than usual. Flex on Saturday required picking up some folks from group finder, but I found a few good ones who stuck with us through parts 1 and 2. My Firelands run on Saturday got off to a rocky start, with only 3 people. A few more trickled in late and I begged the last few to come along, so we reached the 6 required for the missing achievement and got it! Whoo, now if only I could avoid the clouds in the air I could quit screwing up Do a Barrel Roll for the others. Though I think the people who are missing it don’t really care. 

We did Heroic Blackwing Descent to get the guild credit for that, and managed most of the achievements. Still missing 2- might have to go back on normal later and try to get them. Not too sure about the one, it was tough. Might be easier on normal.

And a path test- just took it, got an A on the test- yay! But since I missed 2 questions, after how I did on the midterm, no chance of an A in the class. Time to figure out what I can miss for a B+. I was really worried about this one last night. 

Oh! I can’t believe I forgot to mention it- the reason I was so worried was because I spent hardly any time studying, because I also did a normal SoO alt run! And got <drumroll> a Droplet of Y’shaarj. No other loot for my poor shaman, but the pet was way more than enough!

Well, now our path professor is saying 2 questions were wrong. I have hope again, at least until official grades are posted.

But anyway- all those runs, then the handful of arenas to get my hunter partner his weapon, then staying up til 2 studying and watching random youtube videos. When I finally went to sleep, I was  so worried I wouldn’t get enough and would sleep through my alarm I kept waking up in the middle of the night.

And then I woke up this morning, did a last minute review, and read the blogs I check- only to see Navi listed me under her Liebster award nominee. I’ll do that post tomorrow, but seeing it made me smile and feel better about the day. I stopped worrying about my path test, and figured the day would turn out OK.

Next up- to finish capping conquest, hope our arena third is online today and ok. There’s a NAVLE study lecture put on by one of my favorite teachers tonight, so that might be fun. I have some neuro homework to do- only 5 questions, but I always have to stop and think through the pathways for neuro. Uhm, anything else? Oh yeah, my horde druid hit 40- now to get to 60, and boost. And grats to that guild who managed to down heroic Paragons and will be working on heroic Garrosh. They’re going for realm first, and good luck to them.

And just went over the question with some friends, and I did miss 2, so I might be back to a B- for the class. Hopefully grades will go up soon and I can know for sure and quit worrying.

I think I killed our fish from lab on Friday. Our professor said there were 3 fatalities. Ours was breathing, but not moving on his own when we left. I blame my really poor blood draw technique. I was successful without doing cardiac puncture, but it took awhile.

Recent amusing vet school stories:
So apparently drug smuggling in Malaysia is a capital crime. Our teacher happened to be traveling there, with some fish anesthetic. He was teaching a class, and wanted to have enough. But this drug comes as a white powder, and he decided to put it in his toiletries bag, just to make sure if it spilled clean up would be easy. He made it through customs with no issue, and go to the hotel. Pulled out the bottle of drug, and a student had written “fish anesthetic… haha” on it. So a good thing customs gave him no issues.

There’s a blood drive next week with the med school, and we have to specify on our notice board that it’s a human blood drive. Just makes me giggle a little bit.

Chinchillas will just lose their tails. “Makes it easy for making the coat.”
Just to know, we have a kinda sick sense of humor here. We’re nice people who love animals, but we will joke about giving some animal “the pink juice” or blue or purple or whatever color it is, and not really mean it.

And the fun story of our teacher’s NAVLE, where she was so drained she was down on all fours poking a stick trying to figure out if it was a bug, a stick bug, or a stick that looked like a bug. It was a stick, by the way. Sounds like it will be a really fun test.

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