Thursday, April 17, 2014

Slow Week

Yay, our raid leader is back! Whoo! Now he can deal with people and I can merely commiserate. Not really, but I am really happy to see him back. Even though I now know 2 of us can take down Firelands, the addition of a third will greatly increase our chance of success. Possibly a fourth- the other guildie who hangs out in vent on occasion mentioned he likes to run older stuff too. Just need to recruit him to the cause. My interest in the mounts has been temporarily renewed, since I learned they drop on normal.

I also finally learned how to avoid the clouds on Alyzrazor- too late to get the achievement for anyone, but hey, still nice. 

Yeah, not a lot happened yesterday. My rogue is on the valor part of the quest, and hopefully my druid will catch her this week. 

I’ve decided to let most of my plans sit until summer. Pretty much all of them, really. If people admit to boredom in my hearing, then I’ll snag them and work on a few of the smaller achievements I want to get. Maybe I’ll still try to get a world boss run together for the guild achievement. And I’d like to finish the achievements for SoO on flex, so I can bring along everyone who helped with part 1. Plus a few other people. I just have to find out if everyone is interested, available on Saturday nights in general, and if flex will be on Sunday like I am thinking. 

I’ve decided to revise my goals a bit. I feel like I need to go back and look at my old ones, so let me see where they were. It’s usually true for me if I tell someone I will do something, I am more likely to get it done than if I only tell myself. Of course that doesn’t work for sleeping. That’s another thing- between 8 AM and 8 PM, I love sleep. I’d sleep in if I didn’t have class, I nap if I can. After that, it feels like sleep is an enemy to avoid, stealing my time. Which is silly- that time I’m awake I’m mentally exhausted and probably a third to half is spent watching pointless youtube videos, and the rest reading for fun.

But goals (and not being stupid about sleep is going up in the new ones):
Old ones: studying more, making it to the grocery store (as opposed to my “how long can I go between trips” thing I’ve been trying lately)
I did accomplish all my WoW plans. 

New ones: revised- the plan is still to study more, the goal is to work towards being the vet I want for my pets.
That one is larger than it may seem. I am not the best student, and I am easily distracted. Once I do something I perceive as failing, it takes me a while to get out of the slump and go back to it. I feel like there are a lot of skills and knowledge I am expected to have that has mostly been introduced to me without being taught. Lots of catching up and self study to do, but I have been provided all the resources to succeed- the rest if just effort and time.

Work towards being healthier. I have a horrible sleep schedule, and no excuse for it. It’s like I treat going to bed as an enemy (though naps are treasured friends) and it makes me cranky and more prone to letting the little things bother me. I think there are a few things I can do here. Exercise is a good one. I have a very sedentary lifestyle, especially since I stopped working at the barn and started college. It’s gorgeous here, I should make more of an effort to get outside and walk. Sunlight will probably benefit me too- it does not look like I go to school on a tropical island.

Then I have a few things merely on my to-do list (in no particular order)
-coordinate a day and time for flex, and announce it
-do my FAFSA for student loans next year

Those are the 2 things  I really want to knock out, so I stop worrying about them. Really everything else is little things that don’t really matter, and can certainly wait 6 weeks until I am done with finals. Yes, I want the mounts from some things, but realistically I don’t have the time or will to farm them. 
A side note- I was scolded for running Ulduar with the OLRG and not my friend. So of course we went back to finish it out. And of course all the shaman/hunter tier pieces dropped since I brought my shaman and my friend had finally (after weeks of this) gotten his hunter legs and was on his DK. I go for fun more than for transmog so I find it a tad funny. 

Raid recap: we had 1 shot on Garrosh, which was not the best. We were 2 people short and it took a while to fill. We ended up using someone’s lockout to Thok and knocking out Thok, Seigecrafter, and Paragons.

Thok was great- I rolled my helm, and silently cried that the hunter took the agility neck that was an off-spec upgrade for me. I did tell him to, if it was any kind of upgrade. I just want to replace my timeless neck, and that haste/crit looked nice. Warforged too. I shouldn’t complain- there is only 1other agility leather wearer, and our hunter (that one was a fill-in, our regular hunter is MIA) so my off-spec is really well geared. We took out the next to really easily, and then it was quitting time. A shame it took so long to get that group together, I think we had a good chance at Garrosh if we’d started with them.

Vet school quote “Please remember this. You might see it again. Where’s that spoon…” on actually something a bit interesting. Don’t grab gerbils by the tail, it will deglove and you’ll have skin and fur and a gerbil with a bleeding tail will be running away from you.

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