Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tired of Things

I’ll be switching healers this week. I’m going to give my priest a try. I race and name changed, so now Washiun the male pandaren has become Kiranala the female draenai. Yeah, he had some issues about who she really was. I took her to flex, but had to switch out for part 2, so I am still not sure how well we’ll do. And I am missing the vest I want to transmog for her. A silly green. I might have to give in and go farm the red one, much better drop rate than the Buccaneer’s Vest, I just like the all white look.

After her odd luck on part 1 of LFR- 4 pieces of loot form 4 bosses, though admittedly 2 were shoulders and Ordos as already given me three shoulders, I saw nothing through the rest of SoO LFR or flex. 

While we were talking to our GM about swapping toons (one tank is switching to DK from warrior) our other tanking issue was mentioned and very quickly shut down. I’ll need to talk to the RL again, and ask if he still has problems, before I decide if I need to go talk to the guild leader again. I’ve written a detailed explanation of my issues, including my feelings about flex and our other healer. I’m just tired of all the stuff going on there.

We’re not mean, which is fine. We’re inclusive. But you can be a nice guild, and still tell people “you can’t raid this boss with us yet, you’re not good enough on it and we can’t carry you” and still be nice. Though I have felt like that the whole raid. 

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so nice, and that we didn’t have a few awesome people raiding in that group. If it wasn’t for them, chances are pretty good I’d’ve left that raid and moved at least the 1 toon to the other guild I raid with.

Oddly, if I hadn’t mentioned before, the guild I raid with I seriously thought about joining many months ago when some people I really liked left our guild and moved to theirs. I didn’t move then because my boyfriend didn’t want to leave the guild. And now I have made some new friends that keep me hanging around, as well as all the other nice people there.

Flex- I’m tired of it. We just got the ilevel restriction (whoo) but I am still tired of it. I think once a month is perfectly doable if the weekly thing isn’t working. But that’s me, others think that won’t work.

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