Monday, April 7, 2014


A few things to think about this morning. First, patch notes. I did pretty much what Tome did- no positional requirements for shred, and mangle is gone. Cast times on some of my instant heals, aw. No more nourish- I’ve cast it less than 20 times this expansion, I bet, so no big deal. Not sure how I feel about the cast time on Uplift. Happy for the changes to healing spheres- I made a point to thank everyone who I saw run through a healing sphere, which seemed to increase compliance a bit. And (totally biased personal opinion) I want a baseline lifegrip for all my healers with the loss of symbiosis. I know, I know- killing the hunter just got a tad more challenging, but if I can manage to now without a priest to symbiosis, I can certainly manage then.

Note- Revival heals, then dispels, then kills almost everyone on the Sha of Pride trash. Makes killing folk there way to easy. No challenge in it.

And the classes I only kinda play I didn’t read. That was a lot of stuff, and I was supposed to be sleeping. Had a fish test today, which went really well.

Thursday night’s raid didn’t go that great either. We took a while on Spoils, and kept wiping on Thok. Which actually made me feel better about the crappy raid on Wednesday. Odd. I really would have liked to get Thok down so I can stop hoping for a ring or my helm. I still had fun- it’s always a fun time with them.

There was some talk of mythic raiding next expansion. Not a lot, but it is clear that is the goal of my raid leader there. It made me feel a bit guilty. I cannot do 3 raids a week. Not if I also want to pass vet school, which is way more important than raiding. I have a lot of fun with these guys, but I have no intention of leaving my guild to join them, and I’d rather help my guild’s raid because we do not have as many raiders. And I have pretty much decided to raid horde-side next expansion as well. I will give it a shot and see if I have enough time. With all the problems I have had with raiding and raiders recently, the idea of raiding with people who take things seriously, and show up on time and prepared is really tempting. I want to try. My little horde druid is going to hit 60 and get boosted this weekend. That’s the goal, anyway. My inscription BoA staff is sure getting a heck of a lot of use. 

And yet another topic for today- officers. I’ve been thinking about what I do as an officer since I read Navi’s post. I am an officer for my guild, and have been for a few months now. I actually was official promoted the night I started raiding with my other group. They were LFHealer in chat, I wanted to come but warned them I had about half an hour of guild vent meeting before I could join them in vent, but that I knew the fights from flex. Anyway, yeah, officers. Our guild has 5 officers at the moment and our GM. One officer recently stepped down, our raiding officer. Currently our GM is sorta kinda filling that role, though I think we need to have a serious raiding discussion with everyone. 

But officering. One of the officers has pretty much left the game since his baby was born, so we’re down to 4 “active” officers. Another seems to have a lot of RL stuff going on and I pretty much see a few hours a week for raiding if we need a back up maybe. Then there’s 3. We were all promoted at the same time. One leads the raid and flex, and I don’t really do anything but be available to answer questions, help out, and invite toons. I feel like I should be doing more. I want to organize all the things I plan in my downtime, but I just don’t have enough time. Our GM used to organize older content runs, at least one a month. She’s started doing that a bit more, and that’s something I’d like to do. I want so many things for our guild and guildies, but I don’t have the time and I’m not sure if theres is interest.

I don’t have an official officer role. We have a tech/website officer, and he’s really the only active assigned role. I don’t think we have enough interest in PvP to truly need a PvP officer but I’ve thought about starting a PvP night again, just to run random battlegrounds. Who knows, maybe there is more interest than I think. However, I just like arenas with friends, and don’t really want to be the PvP person. I am not terribly social and outgoing, and I stink at recruiting. But I want to make a list somewhere of things I want to do for our guild, because someday I might have free time again. And free time is the thing. I don’t want to tie myself up with something every day of the week. Yeah, I’m usually on, but being required ot be on for an event is different than being on and camping random stuffs. Or just chilling.

Potential Guild Goals
-Our guild is missing several achievements, I’d like to get them. Might be tough to get 8 people interested in older content to run things like Kara and Naxx, but I’d like to try.
-The mount runs we used to do, like OS3D, Onyxia, EoE
-I’ll list a potential PvP night, cause who knows? Maybe I’ll give it a shot one day
-Achievements again! This time meta achievements. I’d like to organize a night or two a month to go after some metas. Raids, heroics, whatever. Some of those are actually impossible to solo.
-A pet battle tournament is in the back of my mind. I wiped out my pet supply giving things out at Christmas (I had almost 40 Silkworms in my bank, I wanted to get rid of them. But a silkworm alone felt cheap, so they got something else too) so potential prize pool is kinda slim right now.
-I liked the scavenger hunts, the triathalon, some of the ideas sound fun. I might look towards something for the summer
-Finishing ToES and HoF heroics.

I guess the big thing is this: I don’t have to do everything, and I don’t have to do it every week. Who’s to say I need to recreate PvP Mondays? I could do a first Monday of the month thing instead. These do not have to be an every week thing. I do not need to make the game my life. It is ok to step away and do other things.

I am going to set a small goal: soon I want to set up a day to run all the world bosses and get guild credit for them. That’ll be one thing down. My GM might be willing to do a few nights on some old dungeons and heroics to get the guild achievements knocked out, so I will talk to her about that.

But for the next month, I need to keep my goals small: -deal with the raids I am in. -pass finals. -have fun when my boyfriend comes to visit in two weeks. Most anything else I want to do will have to wait til the summer.

I am also a bit hesitant to start much. When I was home for break, I was scheduled for something in WoW 6 days a week. And my boyfriend could come to 2 of those things, and the rest I felt a bit bad sitting next to him raiding and not really doing anything together. So I don’t want to have that all summer too. Especially since I will be moving a bit further away. Anyway, food for thought.

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  1. My officer post was mostly me trying to outline that responsibility comes with power in the officer role - some people seem to feel like being an officer is license to do anything you want when that's definitely NOT what I am trying to promote in Frostwolves. I think one of the important things about being an officer is being there for people to ask things, or tell things to - especially things related to the guild. Don't bite off more than you can chew because that just leads to burnout! And people want you to be around for a long time.

    I still can't find any details about where your toons hide on your blog! How are we supposed to join you for flex things when I can't figure out where you live? :)