Thursday, April 10, 2014

Not Much Here

Not much to report on Monday. A lazy day with studying and a few random battlegrounds. Surprisingly, alliance won 1 out of the 3 we did. I know, I was surprised too. 

And our test this morning elicited the normal amount of complaints. Not about the questions, it was fairly easy and logical. But it’s not our class if we don’t complain about something.

We’re done with chicken and fish in exotics, and it’s back to small mammals. I like this professor, he’s very entertaining to listen to. Watching him act out the  “bulemic method of education”- complete with spoonfeeding (he’s a fan, good for us) and vomiting, was interesting.

My GL finally had the discussion with our tank. We’re not down a tank and healer, which is good. It is. They are nice people, and geared, and replacing both this late in the game would be annoying. I was a tad disappointed, which makes me feel like a jerk. I guess it’s just the issues we’ve had in the past, and the stress our RL goes through worrying how we’re going to down Garrosh with the issues we have. Would’ve been less stress for a while with that worry gone. Then we’d discover more issues, I’m sure.

And got a brief glimpse of our MIA RL- he will be back next week, hopefully.  He popped on while we were wiping on Thok, so not a lot of time to chat. That raid managed to get Paragons down, so we have Thursday to wipe on Garrosh. Had a lot of issues on Seigecrafter. Paragons was very messy- had only 2 DPS up at the end, and a minute and a half away from enrage. Don’t think I’ve ever been that close outside of LFR.

Back to our guild’s raid on Wednesday. We’re missing a DPS, so my goal for today is to have my friend get his friend and ask him if he wants to come along (since he’s been along before) and get that taken care of early. If that fails, I’ll be poking guildies and friends for a while until I find someone. I hate taking 20 minutes after start time to fill a raid. 

And I need to remember to announce: please show up on time and respond to your calendar invite. It just seems like common courtesy to me, and I personally hate when people treat me like a 5 year old so I don’t like to do it to others. But it appears to be necessary. I assume every week they will show, and they do, but we usually have between 2-5 people not respond. I get easily annoyed by the little things, and in general I try not to let them bother me. At the same time- it takes 2 seconds to click your invite. maybe 10 if things are loading slow. You can’t do that while we’re running back from some wipe or another during raid? really?

Ahem, on to fewer rants about silly things.

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