Friday, April 4, 2014


So raid Wednesday did not go as well as I hoped. Since our tank was missing, and I asked one of our other good tanks to come DPS for a few bosses in another raid we ended up with a kinda undergeared tank. We made it through Galakras, but I was hoping we’d get the Shamans down. We’ll have to have a different tank on Friday, he’s told me his warrior isn’t geared enough to tank the rest.

I ended up not having a talk with our healer, since I’m sure we can 2 heal the next few fights with no issue. I’m doubtful we’ll get to Malkorok on Friday, and he’s the next one I’m worried about. If by some miracle we do, I’ll see what happens. 

That raid just left me feeling a little crappy. It was one of our worst nights in a long time. Wiping on Norushen? C’mon. We’re better than that. On the plus side, uhm… our hunter got a normal tier chest, yay? Our mage did as well. Getting people gear was my goal, so /cheer for that. And we’re not getting Garrosh down any time soon, so what does it matter if we don’t get to him til Friday of next week? If then. I’m expecting Iron Juggernaut, Shamans, and Nazgrim on Friday. Which would leave us at Malkorok on Wednesday next, and while we’ll probably clear through Thok then, we always seem to have issues on Seigecrafter. And we’ll be two-healing that, most likely. Which should be easily doable, but I worry if I have to kite fire away our other healer won’t manage. It really sucks healing with healers you don’t trust. And it’s really sad that at 13/14 I can’t trust a healer. 

But that is something I love and hate about our guild, and it also make me worry for next expansion. Our guild is an open guild. The only requirement to join is that you are over 16. A few people have been kicked in the past for bad behavior, but no on since I’ve been there. We’re a primarily social guild, who happens to raid. But what that means is we don’t treat anyone badly, which I am happy with. And we don’t tell people “no, you can’t come” if they have the appropriate level and enthusiasm for the event. Which has caused some issues in flexes before, but we’ve been given permission to be a little stricter on that with some requirements. Not as much as I’d like to be, but better than nothing. 

I’m worried about raiding next expansion. We already raid with some people who I am concerned about in some fights. When we have flex normals, it will be very hard to say no to anyone. And I will give anyone a chance, and if they want to improve I will genuinely do my best to help them, look up and share resources. (Side note: I can’t wait til we have a working website to share things easier.) But for the people who don’t care, who raid because that’s what they feel they should, or a friend is and they don’t care about it, I don’t know how to help them. Can’t teach people who don’t care about learning. So what will we do when we can bring up to 25 people, and can’t say “no, we can’t bring anyone else?”

But that is months away. If I still raid then, i will have a serious talk with my guild leader about that. I would be more than happy to have a night a week of non-progression raiding open to anyone who wants to learn to raid and has the appropriate gear to start. It’s an idea. But this is months off, and I will try not to borrow trouble. 

In the mean time, I will hope my poor monk can finally get normal rings from raid tonight, and a normal helm, and be ready to go on Garrosh next week. He’s going down! On Tuesday, so we have Thursday off and I can do something else.

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