Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Our raid on Friday went surprisingly well. Shamans took a few pulls, as usual. Our hunter was mildly pissed that they reset at 0.4% while he was at full health and had them dead, but we got them shortly after that. Nazgrim and Malkorok were one-shots, woot. I did have some concerns with the dispelling on Malk, but we managed. Spoils took 2 attempts, and we got it just barely a minute or two after quitting time. It was close- one tank went down in the second room, and we lost 2 DPS right after that, but we finished our room and hopped sides super quick and managed to get it in just under the wire.

On Spoils, I tried to set up groups appropriately. I didn’t think about it, but our hunter is usually on my side with our main tank, and I put him with the other tank this time. So he called out a few things in the other room, a comment or two to that tank, and she snapped at him. Vehemently enough that a few people commented on it to the GM, who was also in the raid. She has told us she plans a talk with her, and warned us of the possibility of that tank getting really pissed and quitting the raid and taking her healer husband with her. I am awaiting the results of that discussion, but am prepared for that out come. 

Since I am “in charge” of the raid this week too (pending our MT’s real life stuff- I think he’s busy this week) I need to make a few raid announcements. We had 2 different people at least 15 minutes late, one for each raid last week. Worked out the first one cause I was searching for a DPS, but I don’t like it. We stood in front of the boss for 15 minutes- more than enough time to kill it- waiting on someone who gave no notice about being late. That really bugs me. I completely understand life happens and occasional tardiness can’t be avoided. But this is an every week thing. So I have to remind people that 9 other people are waiting on them, If you need to be late, that’s fine- please try to let us know so we can plan accordingly, delay start a few minutes and give people time to do other things. The other thing is marking attendance on the calendar invite. We regularly have 3-4 people not accept. I’m going to start telling people if they don’t reply to that invite in some fashion, I’m assuming it’s a decline and replacing them. And if I replace you and you show up- too bad. That one might be tough to avoid, but I know a handful of guildies who can raid and want to raid to fill in if necessary.

In other news, my GM won Smoldering Egg of Millzagor off Ragnaros, grats! I tied her roll, but she won. But I’ll be going to Firelands several more times, so here’s hoping for more. 

Our flex had really poor attendance again this week. At the start we had 5 guildies, and at the end 7. It is currently undergoing some changes. Right now, it is scheduled for 8PM on Sat instead of 3PM. There is a note to contact me if you are still interested in attending flex, which puts us right at 4 replies. I told our GM I wanted at least 12 people interested to continue it, because I don’t want to pug a bunch of folks every week. 2, sure. 5? Not really. 

I do feel bad for the people who are new to the guild, or recently hit 90, or just returned to the game, and really do want to do flex and gear up. They are few in number but really excited. I would feel a bit bad about stopping for them, but that would give me an evening to schedule other things. And an afternoon to nap… Yeah, the internet and poor self-control keep me up later than necessary.

My horde druid hit 90. I took a tour of the Pandarian treasures to get some gold and finally bought glyphs and trained alchemy recipes. Next up, collecting some mats to sell to buy the gems/enchants I will eventually need. I am not entirely sure how I feel about that guild yet. They are more talkative than my alliance guild. They’re going for server first Garrosh, and that occupies a lot of the discussion. They also have a bit more of a crude sense of humor than I am used to playing WoW. Which is whatever, I just have to get used to it. I’ll get my little druid all set up and decide what to do with her. 

In class news, we have a test Tuesday on Public Health and the last of food safety. 

…I worry that it’s bad that I am already mentally composing a request for another tank and healer for our raid. The tank my GL is going too have a discussion with is one who really frustrates our raid leader. The healer husband is the one who really frustrates me. They’re nice people, and fun to play with. I just don’t enjoy raiding with people who consistently show up late and feel like they don’t care.  Mostly this came up because if that does happen, my plan is to ask in raid: hey, looks like we need a new (whatever). Before I start looking outside this group to fill that spot, does anyone here want to switch rolls?

My RL and I have discussed similar things before. Who could tank, who could heal, etc. There are a few people with tanks, who would be awesome tanks, but are currently really awesome DPS and we’d hate to lose that. Heals we have covered- we have a healer going DPS for Garrosh, he could just go back to heals and we can 2-heal everything. If we did it on Malk, we can do it on everything else. Most of the fights I have hime 3 heal  “for safety” are ones where one healer may be out of commission for a little bit (like kiting fire on Seigecrafter) and I don’t worry about him handling it alone.

BUT- I am getting ahead of myself. I will ask my GL if she has had this discussion, or when she plans to have it, so I can respond appropriately.

Half of this post will probably be deleted in editing, so here I go rambling about things.  I’m not going into great detail with the patch notes, You can do that yourself (and possibly have) so why do you need my take on it? I’ll tell you this: I am nervous about healing because I never healed in Cata. I was super shy then, and only ran dungeons with my brother (heals) and his girlfriend (tank) so I just pawed all the things. I healed in Wrath, and I heal now. Those are the styles I am familiar with. So I’m a bit nervous about change. However, I am confident that I can and will adjust. It might take me some time, and I still feel like a fail healer some days because I don’t have the proven healer title and a lot of people say resto druids are a cakewalk for proving grounds. That’s a personal goal of mine- get that achievement. I have my druid’s CM set, but I might need to regem for some spirit.

I keep wondering about heals for our raid. we have 2 resto druids. In my ideal world, we drop the other one and it’s me and a shaman. We lose a tank, someone swaps to tank. Right now we have a 12-person raid roster. If we lose our tank and healer, the first thing we need to do is have a discussion with our 3 “alts” cause as far as I know, we haven’t designated any of them mains. 

Good news everyone! I looked at my belt and realized the current hole was about to tear and break the belt. However, I could tighten a hole! I feel like i’m losing weight even though I don’t feel like I look like it. Except yesterday- I was wearing lazy clothes and actually felt I looked pretty good.

And now back to boredom and planning for the FUTURE. Today: go home, nap. Check online to see if my GM is on to ask about the tank talk. Study VPH, look at review.  Then, can go online and do something. What, I know not. maybe just be AFK while reading for fun, to be available for other stuffs. Think about moving flex back to Mon nights…. I don’t wanna. Or asking the guild leader for the other group I raid with if he’d want to offer our flex to his guild, since we don’t have enough. However, there are contact issues. Enh, oh well. We’ll see how it goes on Sat at 8 pm this week, and re-evaluate.

Next up= go. It’s nice when we have good teachers. I like this one. On emergency medicine triage. I like emergency, I’ve thought about going into it. 

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