Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter!

Alright! Expect even less posting than normal over the next few days. My boyfriend is coming to visit. It’ll be nice to have him here, and we get a 4 day weekend for Easter so this is the best time for visits. Most of the things I have been thinking of doing are places to eat, so we’ll have to find something so he actually sees Grenada.

Raiding last night went about as expected for Shamans. We wiped a handful of times. Hunter died to lag, I died to being stupid, lost a few other people to something similar. Then we took a break and did it about as well as we ever do. We did not one-shot Nazgrim, so we failed the Gamon achievement. Ah well, will give me time to set that up another week. Nothing really exciting happened otherwise. I was super tired and I warned everyone before hand  I was going to be slow and laughing at nothing but any real jokes would likely go over my head.

Since I don’t have much else to say, I figured I’d do a brief history of my WoW time. Brief warning: heavily weighted toward the stuff in MoP I’ve been up to recently.  I started playing in college, in Wrath, with an ex-boyfriend because he wanted something we could do together. Very surprising move on his part since his last girlfriend left him for someone she met on WoW. But anyway, we rolled horde toons on Anatheron and got started. A hunter for me, because I got pets that way. Shortly after that he leveled an alliance toon on a different server because some friends of his had a guild on Cenarion Circle. We kept leveling the horde toons until 42. I don’t know why I didn’t stop and make a toon on Cenarion Circle right away as well, but I did a short time later. And Elaylda was created.

I rolled a druid, because the guild did not have a druid healer and if they didn’t need one I could do something else. I loved my druid. Sure, hunters get pets but as a druid I can be a cat! So I happily leveled feral then swapped to resto at 80- a pattern I have picked up for all my healers. Not one has been leveled in a healing spec. Anyway, I reached 80 and was run through a few heroics and Naxx 10 a couple of times. Ulduar came out fairly shortly later, and we started working on that. We had just enough people to fill a 10 man raid and happily got to it. And then summer came.

I stayed in Blacksburg and took organic chemistry over the summer. My then boyfriend went home and stopped playing, as did several of his friends. I continued to raid, and we got fill-ins. We made it to Yogg-Saron during this. And it really bugged him that I would raid while I talked to him on skype. Really annoyed him. So I quit WoW, and didn’t come back til Cata.

In Cata, I’d started another druid- Elaylda, again, on Earthen Ring to play with my brother and his girlfriend. Around this time that old boyfriend and I broke up. Those old guildies were his college friends, and most of them had stopped playing. I still pop in on Cenarion Circle very rarely, and never see anyone in that guild. Anyway, a short way into leveling again I decided I really didn’t want to and moved my druid over to Earthen Ring. Unfortunately, Elaylda and Elaylda had the same name. I was just going to delete the low level toon, but before I could my brother’s girlfriend said “oh, you don’t need to do that” and came over and renamed her Elayldá. With that weird a I can’t type. Oh well, it was done and I had already paid for a realm transfer, I’m not paying for a name change. 

So Elaylda made it to 85 and we ran heroics as a feral kitty. My brother healed and his GF tanked. Sometime between my start in Wrath and my return in Cata, I had gotten really shy and would no longer do anything group wise if I didn’t know people in the group. So I did not heal or raid in Cata at all. I did do all the Molten Front stuff on a handful of toons- not raiding left me lots of time for dailies. Sometime after that, I stopped playing again because I met my current boyfriend and started spending a large chunk of my free time with him.

And then MoP came out, during my first semester of vet school. And my boyfriend, knowing I had played WoW, picked it up so we’d have something to do together while we were at school. I leveled my druid- then in a guild of strangers, since my brother and girlfriend had left the guild they created (Hearts of Elune, now my personal storage space) and I’d moved my druid over with them before I stopped playing. I rolled a monk to level with my boyfriend, and Renala was made. At some time during this, I walked into Icon completely on accident responding to a recruitment post in general chat. I moved my mage, because I wanted to get a feel of the place before I moved all my toons.

They were good folk, and after a bit I moved most of my higher level toons to the guild. My monk was leveling well, and I was really enjoying it. For someone who claims to hate melee, most of my toons are melee or leveled in melee specs. So Icon got off to a slow start raiding, but I happily took my druid along to heal.

And Elaylda healed normals, and Renala did the LFRs. Until The 4th boss of MSV, where we were hitting the enrage timer, and I offered to get my monk for that tiny bit more DPS. And suddenly I was a monk healer. And it’s stayed that way since. My druid still kept up on the legendary cloak stuff, because it was hard to admit my main was no longer my druid. 

Our raids ended up taking a break when the SoO patch dropped, and in that time I responded to a group LF Healer for SoO. I came along- they loved the idea of a fistweaving monk, and I met the Sacred folk. I enjoyed playing with them, and offered to heal anytime I could. And boom, I’m raiding Tues/Thurs on my monk. Well, originally that was Mon/Tues, but I was unable to come on Mondays due to guild flex so days were changed. Awesome people over there.

Icon got its raid together a month or so after that, and Elaylda stepped back into normals again. And I was raiding Wed/Fri again. And then flexing on Sat and Mon. And then doing CM, and arenas, and running old stuff for legendaries and made an officer in the guild and ahh so much stuff to do. And that’s how I got to where I am now. Heavily weighted towards the current stuff, cause I remember it better.

But that’s the history of Renala and Elaylda with the weird a, my 2 main toons. Below is a picture of Renala in her healing mog, and Elaylda pretending to be a dinosaur. Between the two, Nala is the more obviously outgoing bouncy one, while Elay is sneakier about it. Nala rushes right into everything, while Elay just quietly moves things along by “accidentally” pulling trash packs and throwing unnecessary heals on tanks til they get the idea and pull things. Ok, almost all of those trash pulls are really accidents. 

Vet School Randomness for today:
“There’s one [hamster] down in a hole. looks like they have a tube over it. So it can’t attack.”
“How they (hamsters) spear head their terrorist activity”.
“What’s a smart dog versus a dumb dog?…pottying outside is really the line in the sand for most people.”
“I don’t know how you live without kicking yorkie puppies.”

Our teacher stood in the corner for a minute after she told us we could do pornovenography instead of portovenography. 

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