Thursday, April 3, 2014

Slow Start

So Monday was a lazy day. Lots of camping Krol for that XP elixir. I have 5, and I only have to go from 44-60. So that should be plenty, especially if I keep turning in the beasts of fable quests every day and wait til I have rested XP on the weekend to run dungeons. I think I’ll just hang on to the other pet quests and turn them in once I boost to 90 for some quick gold. Cause finding someone bored enough to fly me around is unlikely. 

Managed to cap conquest last week. I’m wary of making any comments about teams, because as soon as I say something things turn bad. A comment on how we get a run of DPS teams, and suddenly healers everywhere. 

Tuesday turned out to be a lazy day as well. I did my usual celestial kill on my druid so I can get the hope for PvP gear shot down quickly. I’ve gotten double gold from them every week since they began dropping Prideful gear. Raiding was a fresh week, trying to finish up some tier sets for folks in hopes our DPS improves for Garrosh. I think we’ll get it soon- we have picked a strategy that we stuck to all of last week, and even though none of those pulls went great, they felt really smooth compared to earlier runs. DPS was much further along, that’s for sure.

Raid tonight will be a fresh run as well, which is good. Our main tank is out for real life reasons, which leaves me in charge. Whoo. I just wish sometimes I tanked so I could set the pace I want, without our main tank we sometimes go a bit slow. I am hoping to get to (and ideally through) Nazgrim. That might be wishful thinking, but I’d love to start Friday at Malkorok. If we can manage that, we should be able to start next week at Seigecrafter at least, possibly Paragons if things go really well. I know, I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ll have to do a little thinking about Friday, we’ll be missing a healer and a tank. We can 2-heal most of the fights, I think. I’m iffy about Thok, but with the nerfs and the extra DPS I think we can manage. If I can make sure people get dispelled on Malk anyway. Our two DPS with heal off-spec (well, 3 if I count the one with a healy druid) I’d rather not have swap. I don’t want to lose the DPS and I don’t think 3 druid healers is the way to go. Heck, I’d rather we didn’t have 2 druid healers most of the time, but my other options are swapping to shaman, priest, or monk. I feel stronger on the druid than monk, our third healer is a shaman, and I need to race change my priest before I feel happy playing him. Plus I need a lot of practice. 

So tonight I will look at who we have and how things go. Then I will try to talk to my other healer and see how he feels about 2 healing stuff. In fact, I’m going to write up a list of things to talk to him about for Friday right now. 

Ok, that’s done. I’m a big fan of Keep It Simple, Stupid so it’s just 3 things. I can always bug people about many things, but I am trying really hard not to. It isn’t helpful for anyone, them or me. Anyway, I’ll see how tonight goes. Hopefully we’ll get plenty far in and get our shaman plenty of elemental gear tonight before he goes out of town. 

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