Friday, April 11, 2014

Small Steps

So I accidentally called it on Wednesday’s raid. I didn’t mean to! I was joking when I said “2 hours of wiping on Thok” I honestly thought we’d get him down and be facing Garrosh on Friday.

Goshdarnint, I knew we should’ve done fresh. We were missing 5 people at the start of raid and even with our 3 reserves were short. Ended up begging the last 2 out of friends (thanks JSM!) and a random person, who was good sport. It did not occur to me one of our DPS had a decent healer alt until the last 2 pulls, and we got him to 3% and wiped. We might’ve done a bit better too if I hadn’t had our hunter tank so I could get HoP and tranq uninterrupted… Hindsight. Yeah.
Oh well- the plan is fresh on Friday now, since we’re missing at least 3 and I know we can safely 2-heal most of the early bosses. 

I was reminded again how much I’d rather play with nice people than jerks, even if we move slower and have to work around our capabilities. A few of us did some BGs to get someone through that part of the legendary quest, and I got a chance to chatter with one of our tanks, the one we’ve been worried about, and I was reminded she’s really a fun person. I got her perspective on raiding, and got a big reminder of why I shouldn’t expect everyone to know all the fight before we get there. We take different tracks of thought there- she would rather clear stuff for the first time with her guild, rather than flex of LFR with strangers, while I would rather learn the fights and see them before our guild gets there, so I know what to do already. I need a reminder that everyone is not me on occasion.

And the other half of that- my horde druid hit 90 and I went around the Timeless Isle to collect some more leather gear. When I am out in the world, and I see anyone from the guild I am in, I’ll /wave a them. Well someone in that guild took offense. Maybe he meant it as a joke, but it did not come across that way. It really upset me. Yeah, part of it is I am tired and that makes me more prone to upsets. Part of it is I like my alliance guild, and the feel we have there. And these guys in horde are a bit more… crude and less friendly. If there’s the chance I might be raiding with them in the far distant future, I want to be friendly with people. But when you get pissed at me for a /wave emote in the world? Screw you, and not the horse you rode in on because I like horses, but screw you, you jerk. 

That made me appreciate the fact that I enjoy most of my guild. I get exasperated with some people sometimes. I wish things could be different sometimes. But we’re nice people, and we’re friendly. Not always talkative, but sometimes. 

I’ve come to the conclusion I need to set some goals. I’ve been all over the place lately. So goals:
-I am going to catch up on studying. When I’m bored, I am going to study instead of finding random things to do (I’m looking at you, part of me that’s quietly saying “maybe we should start watching Game of Thrones.” No.)
-Grocery shopping! We are going today. Also going to make an effort to go up the hill every Monday for fresh fruits and veggies.
WoW Goals:
-properly set up Rene’s CM set, since I was unaware the extra legendary socket worked in CM. …and accidentally put it on a sub-par weapon. I’ll double check that.
-set up Ren’s CM set. I have the gear (I think)
-Do some arenas
-Run FL with my druid.

That’s it for now. I’ll do some other things, sure, but I don’t want to set any down as goals and feel like I must do them.

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  1. Goals are not quite the same as tasks. I think goals are more like something you aspire too, whereas tasks are things you have to do.