Monday, April 14, 2014

Short Randomness

Alright, I’ve already gone grocery shopping so that’s one goal down, whoo!

A few things today. First, I feel old. It’s my little brother’s birthday! And he’s 18! He’ll be starting college this fall. I’m not sure where, but hopefully he listened to the advice of someone who is about to be in debt for at least the next 27 years, barring winning the lottery (unlikely- I never buy tickets) and he’ll go in state. But happy birthday to him! 

Raiding this week has been bad all around. A short recap of the whole week: Tuesday we did so poorly on Seigecrafter that raid leader asked us if we wanted to quit an hour early. Wednesday we spent the whole night wiping on Thok. Last night we did maybe 5 pulls on Garrosh. We had to find 2 people, and lost one part way through. An hour before quitting time we stopped to do flex so we could try for some heirlooms, since it was obvious Garrosh was living.

We failed to get him in flex, but our one attempt was very good. One more healer might have been fantastic- we used the stacking method, and it was tough with the 2 of us. Doable, in flex at least, but boy did I heal. Then it was past stopping time, and  we just called it.

Tonight we’ll start fresh. We’ll see how far we get, and maybe the week after next we’ll just work on Garrosh. I’m not entirely sure- we’ll see how it goes. I still think we’ll wipe a ton, but I also think we will eventually get it. Maybe we’ll have an awesome group show up for flex, and we can do part 4 to get some practice in. Not terribly hopeful on that point.

Managed some arenas last night. Took a while to get back in the swing of things. I think all the raiding has been getting me down, and I’m not playing as well as I should be. But we capped conquest, and I can buy a chest later today. I gave up on the celestials- double gold every week on my druid since prideful gear has started dropping.

Exotic animal lesson for today: Lock up your gram scales. They have a tendency to vanish.

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