Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lazy Weekend

So my boyfriend ended up missing his connecting flight in Toronto, delaying his arrival by a day. Which meant my rogue got to cap valor and my horde druid tried her hardest to kill things on the Timeless Isle, but was only marginally successful. So I tried the Celestial Tournament again, and forgot how I used my teams. I’ll have to go back to that later.

The raid for Friday was canceled very early, too many missing people. I thought it would’ve been really funny to leave the other officer in charge. He doesn’t put up with stupid like I do. And we’d just had a conversation with some other people about how the best raid leaders are drunk, angry raid leaders. I have not tried that method for coping with raid problems yet, but I will keep it in mind now.

I’m just not a mean person. I can remember the last 2 times I got screaming mad at anyone. Both were family, and one was last summer, and one was around Thanksgiving 2012. Doesn’t happen often. Though that’s angry, not mean, but that’s when my mean streak really comes out. 

My friend asked me what I thought of his horde guild. I’m glad he said the word “assholes” before I did, cause they kinda are. That’s why I was thinking of getting mad. We briefly discussed potential future raiding, and I was wondering if they would piss me off enough to make me say or do anything about it. It is always interesting to look back on those situations later. It really shocks people who know me well when I start doing things like that. 

Ah, vet school where powerpoints can have pictures of cow vulvas so we can check mucus membrane color. This weekend was very nice. We didn’t get out to see a lot of the island, but we ate everywhere I wanted to try. Delicious ice cream cake last night to top it off. And my boyfriend proposed on Monday, which was unexpected.

On the WoW front, the celestials were nice and gave me gloves Tuesday morning. PvP gear that I hadn’t bought yet, yay! Hopefully I’ll have a chance to knock out some 3’s this week. Hopefully raid will go really well tonight and we’ll kill Garrosh.

I have been a bit better with sleep and napping. Made it to bed by 1 AM at the latest every day since Friday, and have only taken 1 nap all weekend. I’m going to try to resist today, though I had to get up at 5:00 to go to the airport. Probably not the best idea for raid night, but if I can sleep at 10 right when raid ends it would be nice.

I didn’t do a lot this weekend. Ate, started watching Farscape, capped valor on some toons for the cloak. That’s about it. 

And the vet school quote for today: “Diarrhea, some people thing it’s funny but it’s really wet and runny.”

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